Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yesterday and today, I ate the same type food at same intervals.

Breakfast: Cheese paratha with some mayo spread. Made myself. Its yummeh mummeh. But I felt like puking after that. And cold apple cider vinegar as my morning drink. Made it the night before while it was hot. I put half or what I made into the fridge yesterday. Today, I found out half of what was there was gone. I was left with a quarter. What the...

Lunch: A slice of marble cheesecake.

Tea snack: Slices of pears and oranges.

Dinner: Maggi mee. Again, yummeh mummeh. I love my maggi. I just love it. It's like it's so nice and bouncy and... it's so nice. And so fluffy. And I love it so. It's so nice, it's so fluffy, so bouncy. It's puffing with yummeh-ness. It's just puffing. Like it's puffing with bounciness. Like it's so nice...

I make a very bad food reviewer.

In conclusion, tea snack was the healthiest meal of the day.

Sooo... yeah. Glad I bought the Digi easy prepaid card! So worth it man. Free calls from 12am to 6pm to all your "buddyz". I've been abusing the free calls service for 2 days straight ever since I bought it.

I've started on my F4. I aim to finish the syllabus by the end of October. And then start on past years as soon as possible.

Ok, bye.

I love abrupt ends.


  1. Hey gal..make sure you don't over-abuse yourself with all the FAT!!
    I'm coming back tomorrow..wait me!! You MUST SHARE your food! xD

  2. Yay! Actually I lost weight on that diet. Lol! Crazy or what =P