Friday, October 21, 2011


I've spent so much money in like 2 days.

Bought 3 pairs of contacts from I-view. The monthly type. RM40 which is cheaper than the optical shop besides Watsons. I-view had stocks ready at hand, so no waiting for days to get my contacts.

Finally bought a pair of white mini shorts. I like it =)RM44. My striped blue Giordano shorts, which was like my all time favorite is getting very loose. And the looseness is really puffing up my rear end. So my butt looks like twice it size.

Other miscellaneous things like fast food, bubble tea(Angel and my honorary drink everytime she comes back from KL) and hair conditioner.

Yah, Angel came back the day before yesterday. And we discovered something related to boys that really led to some drama rama! I hope Angel can pull out of it A okay. Oh, and she also taught me a technique to massage boobies. LOL!

So anywayyy...

I had a pretty awesome day today =) Although I think I'm getting sick of KFC.

Oh yes, I also bought 3 bus tickets to and fro kl. Which leads me to...

Loverboy decided to come back yesterday =) Yey ya! But the KL date trip is still on next week. Yey ya again =)

Our longest streak would be 12 days apart now I guess.

So anywayyy...

I'm done with 2 lecture videos. Interesting man. 3 more to go. Yah, I aim to do 5 a day to complete the syllabus within this month.

I am gonna enjoy this weekend ;)

Bib bib.

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