Monday, October 31, 2011

Increase blog traffic using Nuffnang and Innit


I've just signed up for Nuffnang!
You know that sensation when you have that sudden wave of inspiration or motivation? Where you just can’t wait to get into action?

That’s exactly how I’m feeling now.

Can’t let anything distract me now before that burst of motivation dies down. So I have approximately 10 minutes to get this post down pat.

I am so excited because I’ve discovered amazing and fun tips and advice on Nuffnang and blogging as a whole.

I know last time I did complain about not getting any benefit from Nuffnang but looking back, I admit it was partly (or more like completely) my fault.

I did not try and find out as much as I could about Nuffnang. I realized there’re actually so many ways to make use of the various features on Nuffnang. Today, I’m excited to say the least that I’ve just unearthed so much that I did not know about Nuffnang before.

I do read a lot, and I mean A LOT of material on blogging and how to generate income through it. It’s just that the material I read (usually from StevePav and Problogger) is on a global level. That means to say that the tips and advice are not exactly specific to my niche (not like I have a niche to begin with – exactly my point). There are some really, really good posts on blogging I HIGHLY recommend to be read:

How to make money from your blog
How to build a high traffic website (or blog)

Okay, enough liao la. If not all of you will go to their blogs and none will finish reading this post =(

Last time, my favorite past time would be ravenously devouring everything I could about stuff like this and sometimes (more often than not) get information overload. That’s because my brain is always in a flurry when I get bouts of these unorganized… uh… reading… uh… craziness. I just read and read and read.

Yeah, I can go on and on for hours. Anyway, the first time I signed up for Nuffnang, I didn’t really read what it was all about because amidst all the registration and code generating and ad pasting, I was also reading other material from a thousand and one other sites. Multi-tasking = not the brightest idea.

But I’m glad I did read all the materials and stuff because although they are not step by step instuctions on how to make money as a MALAYSIAN blogger whose blog is a PERSONAL blog (non-niche), they’ve given me a very strong base and extremely good ideas to begin with. The fundamentals are already embedded; it’s just that the structure on top is not built yet.

Skip the last sentence if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Cuz I just realized that I don’t know what I’m talking about either.


And that time, my blog was still a baby. Oh wait, my blog is still a baby. But at least my blog is not as baby-ish as last time. Last time, it was a zygote kind of baby. Now it’s a baby kinda baby. The milk suckling type.

Point is, I didn’t get any traffic = no income, got frustrated, cursed Nuffnang and then took down all their ads.

But this time, I believe it’s a good time to try again since my traffic has increased compared to last time. So…. Yaahhh…

Anyway… I’ve discovered a few SPECIFIC strategies make use of Nuffnang to my (and maybe your) advantage:

1. Submit INTERESTING posts with a highly relevant title on Innit. For me, I think the titling is damn important. No shit. Innit is a very interesting concept I just found out a couple of hours ago. I wouldn't call it amazing, but it's something I'm eager to try. Try to posts as many good posts as you can and hope that you get into the top 10 featured posts. Trick – the more NANGS (in facebook terms, NANGS are LIKES), the more likely will your post soar up the ranks.

2. Use the Innit chatbox to get as many links to your post. Be active, socialize! How hard can it be to socialize on a CHATBOX right? Pffftttt... So take advantage of it!

3. Attend Nuffnang events.

I haven’t had a chance to experience going to one yet. But from the way it looks, it sure looks like fun! And when you join and later blog about it and submit it to Innit, it seems very logical that many Nuffnangers will be interested on how it went. More traffic and more friends - bonus!

4. Another sure fire way to fire up you traffic (at least for the month) is to get chosen as Nuffnang’s featured blogger of the month! Omigosh, I think this particular aspect attracted me the most. It’s a golden opportunity to be their featured blogger of the month! To try your luck,

Credits go to Simple Blogger Tips.

But there’s one thing I would mention is that I don’t really like the Xchange widget. I had that widget last time, and personally, I thought it was a bit of a nuisance. It’s a tad too big and it covers up a significant proportion of my post, so I always have to minimize it to get a clear look at my whole blog. That’s just my personal opinion.

Another thing to mention is that to submit posts to Innit – and subsequently drive higher traffic to your blog - you have to be a Gliterrati member. That means your blog cannot have other ads together with Nuffnang ads. But I was sooo, so, so relieved to find out that Google ads work perfectly fine with Nuffnang ads and do not jeopardize the Gliterrati status. Yes!!!

So yay for me!

Some other humble strategies not Nuffnang-related to increase your traffic:

1. Submit relevant posts to forums.
My 2 favorite forums are and (fyi, this is not a porn website). There’s a shit load of topics there and finding one that fits the theme of your post would be a snap. And I find that if I need inspiration on what to write, visiting forums help me a lot.

2. Post interesting posts on your facebook wall or in the form of facebook notes.
There’s a note application which automatically updates the latest blog posts. So every time you post a new blog post, your fb notes are also updated simultaneously. I tried using this application a few weeks back but decided to stop after 2 days because I felt that sharing EVERY single blog post on facebook would be a bit too… desperate. And again – just my 2 cents. But I don’t mind posting certain posts on facebook which are of interest to my friends. It’s just that most of my friends aren’t really bloggers. So posts relating to blogging – like this post – will not get on my fb wall.

3. And the golden rule of blogging - content is KING.
How true. It's tough to write good posts every time but it's satisfying once you've completed a post you're truly happy with. Worth all the time spent. But since I don't have a specific niche, it can get a bit hard for me. But I'm still going to write useless crap every once in a while.

4. Post bitchy pictures of yourself and bitch about people. Nuff’ said.
P.s: I’ll be submitting this post on Innit. So you know what that means? NANG it people! NANG it! No DANGs ah please. Now to figure out how to add the Nang button to my posts so that you don't need to go all the way to Innit to Nang it.

P.s v2: Tottenham won!!! WOoHOo! RM50 to da man!

Update: Dang, I have to wait until Nuffnang approves me as their Glitterati member before I can submit anything to Innit. Approx one week. Sigh...

Update: Woohoo! Am officially a Glitterati member today! Just posted this post up on Innit. Show some love and help get me some Nangs darlings :)

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