Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some "friends"...

I really cannot tahan when "friends" (more like acquaintances) "invite" you to functions or gatherings or trips or whatever and then you're in a dilemma whether or not to go. But you decide to go because they're your "friend".

So you decide to go for old time's sake. And then when you arrive, the first sign that doesn’t go right is when you come along with someone else, and your “friend” just greets you with something like “hi” and goes all enthusiastic with your other friend.
As time goes on, you're deathly bored there. And you REGRET going because it's really, really, really stupid just sitting there while your “friend” entertains everyone else EXCEPT you. Plain stupid decision.

Why invite someone when you plan on ignoring them?

Complete waste of my time.

You want to be close to that person. But, wth, he or she just f***ing ignores you the whole time. And worse thing is when you’re with another friend or in a group of friends, that person totally ignores you. Like giving all his or her shitty attention to the other person or people and isolating you. I don’t know whether it’s on purpose or not, but that is just plain rude lor. And very awkward for that singled out person.

It’s like they’re trying to show off to you that their oh-so-popular and you’re oh-so-not-popular. The worst thing is that every time you’re together with them, they always ditch you.

But you give them chance after chance because you genuinely thhink that you could be good buddies and since your other friends are their friends and vice versa, why not? The more, the merrier.

But nooo. They want to keep ignoring you and make you a fool. And because I’m quite sensitive (something I need to work on), my self esteem suffers. I start questioning and doubting myself when I really shouldn’t. I’m unique. And if people can’t accept that fact, it’s their problem.

So I’ve decided that these people are not worth my time. I won’t expend any more energy on people who don’t like or don’t accept me.


  1. hey princess..just read ALL your blogs. quite lengthy..><
    about those 'friends'..don't even bother because they might just be passer-by in your life. something that needs least(i feel none is better) of your attention..just be your bubbly self!!
    go girl!!^^v people who only lives in their gang won't go far, remember that.

  2. Ya!! High 5 sister =)

    I have a tendency to write very looong post. lol. sry =P