Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Short update

Remembered that I said I wouldn't blog until my exams are over? I've just realized that I'm either too prepared or too lazy.

Lately, as in starting from yesterday, life has become a mixture of boredom, anticipation and stress. But it's okay because I know I can have my life back in full swing once these 2 weeks is over.

Exams trap you in your own little mind. You can't do anything, except study, without a cloud of guilt hovering over you. Typical exam symptom.

I've just completed a set of F2 questions just now. They're recycled past year questions so I can say that I've quite gotten the hang of it. But I can't seem to shake off the thing I'm missing something.

Right now, I will go and print out another set of F2 questions, maybe embark on one long style question, and park my big butt down at my study desk for the next 2 hours.



  1. no need to be so intensive..lol..
    i did no past year questions at all and i'm starting to catch up on f3 like now..
    ease up..:)

  2. But you got form 6 foundation :(