Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don't know what happened last night. I was scratching myself like crazy for hours into the night. The itchy feeling was annoying. My bed was clean, I was clean (I think). And the itch wasn't a normal insect bite itch.

It's like you feel itchy somewhere. Then you scratch it but the feeling doesn't go away. Then the itch travels to another place. Like its teasing you or something. So you scratch and scratch and scratch some more. But you don't get that satisfying feeling after a good scratch. Cuz it's still there! All you're left is red claw marks on your skin. Like the itchiness is everywhere but you can't put a finger to it. Or it's a few inches inside the skin. Omigosh. Torture I tell ya.

Managed to fall asleep at 3am after 2 hours of scratching. Weird, because I'm not the scratchety (self-made word) type of person.

And then I woke up with a wheezing cough in the morning.

So I made sure I gave myself a really good shower after I woke up.

Now, I'm perfectly alright. No cough, no itchiness. Nothing.

I think I got abducted last night by aliens.

KTHXBAI. More updates this weekend.

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