Saturday, October 15, 2011

Like whoa! Secured braces.

I have finally secured my braces *sniff* happy tears *sniff*

I just got back from my CBE f3 exam in Ipoh yesterday and I passed! That paper was the most crucial one to date. It's a matter of braces or no braces.

So, I have officially completed 3 papers (knowledge module) in 4 months. Wee~~I am so farking relieved I tell ya! Farking, farking relieved. Liked really farking relieved.

Anyway, here're 2 weeks worth of updates:

  • Watched Source Code and The Moon. Super awesome movies. Very awesome. It really grips your heart and exposes our innate human fears in a very... uh... It's just good man. Go download it or something if you haven't seen'em. Life will never be the same again. At least for a few days until the effect wears off lah.

  • Went to the UTAR Festival of the Mind.

  • I asked Kaylynn about braces. I am soo glad I talked to her. She had her braces at Dr Foo's dental clinic in Taiping at a super farking affordable price weh. I have decided that I will be going to Taiping for my braces now!

    Sooo... today, I made my first ever dentist appointment by myself =)

    The last time I went to a dentist was like at least 5 or 6 years ago. And that was to watch my brother...uh... do something to his tooth. The last time I remember anybody doing anything to my teeth was during school. You know the government nurses who come to school to check your teeth? So I had tooth filling!

    Yeah, I don't know why I had it either. What does filling your tooth mean? Does that mean I have a hole in my tooth so they fill it up with white clay? Does that mean I have cavity? I still don't know. Not even to this day man.

    And I was always scared of the thingy that sucks saliva outta your mouth. The saliva sucker. It felt like air is forced into your mouth. You don't know whether to swallow your saliva or to just leave it. Feels so hollow.

    And the whizzy thing that makes me feel like the dentist is drilling into my teeth. Turns out it's a plaque scrapper thingy... to scrape off plaque. Eeew.

    People are afraid of the unknown.

    So anyway, am I afraid of going to the dentist? No. I think. Shouldn't be. I just turned 20. So I can't be. That would be embarrassing. Last time I was scared of the dentist, I was also scared of girl monsters under my bed. I will not elaborate further or I won't be able to sleep in my room tonight.

    So anyway (I'm using those 2 words a little too often now), I called Dr Foo's dental clinic. She's my dad's cousin which makes her my aunty =) The receptionist with a warm voice answered. And boy, is Dr Foo popular. She's full until early december! But the kind receptionist (with a very, very, very familiar voice. Could be Dr. Foo's sister-in-law according to my dad) managed to squeeze me in on the 29th of November. So good la.

    I asked her about the rate. This is what she told me:

    RM2500 INCLUSIVE of teeth mould and braces fixtures for upper and lower teeth and the braces itself.

    It's RM100 for the mould, RM250 each for lower and upper fittings and thr rest which I assume is RM1900 for the braces themselves. Payment of RM100 per month until RM2500 is fully paid. And anything additional, like for the retainers or the time exceeding the standard 2 years is free.

    Omigosh. Angels are singing. No wonder she's so popular. People from KL and Penang and god knows where travel down to her clinic man. Not to mention, her skills are really good, so I heard.

    For tooth extraction, the receptionist said that they will refer me to other dentists. I guess Dr Foo isn't young anymore. She's 10 years my dad's senior.

    But still, I don't mind. I've asked a few of my other friends with braces or have worn braces and devoured forums about braces. Found out that the average cost of braces ranges from RM4000-RM6000.

    Until I asked Kaylynn lah that is. But I think her rates last time are cheaper than mine lah. Her one is like RM2000 for the whole thing only. Exclude tooth extraction I think. And pay RM50 a month only.

    Most of my Perak friends did their braces at Ong Dental, Ipoh. RM4000 for the treatment, RM200 for x-ray and around RM100 for tooth extraction. That means RM100 one tooth extraction ah? Dunno lah.

    Anyway, I think I'll be doing my tooth extraction at Ong's. I hope I don't need to pull out 4 teeth. That is a lot of teeth. Seriously.

    OK. Got writer's block.

    BYE YO~

    1. I would to install braces at dr foo clinic. Is she still available? because no one pick up the call

    2. I'm not sure. I haven't contacted her in a long time. But it seems that she's doing it a s a hobby now cuz she's way over retirement age. So she's not frequently open. Maybe you try dropping by her place? :)

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      1. can i know yr braces price over all? and du u hv their address? really appreciate if u reply my questions..

    4. Hi guys! I'll be joining the braces club too.. hehe Will put on braces soon at Dr. Karthi Dental Clinic Ipoh.
      Ipoh still have affordable price compared to Penang and KL don't you think?