Tuesday, October 25, 2011

KL day trip III

I shan't bother titling my post "KL DATE TRIP WITH MY LOVE SO SWEET KAWAII LOVE LOVE MUAH MUAH CUTE CUTE SHY SHY" or write lovey dovey, mushy dushy content about today's KL date because I am way too full. And feeling obese doesn't exactly make me the most romantic writer.

We basically went gallivanting around KLCC and Petaling Street. Had fish porridge for breakfast with yau char guai (terrible spelling, but so long as you get the meaning, then keep your smart brains to yourself).

Later in the afternoon, watched What's Your Number which I felt was a bit draggy even for a girly girl like me *ahem*. But the company's all that matters ;)

We spent most of our time in KLCC just strolling around. Didn't really buy anything. I mean wtf can you buy there la? Other than rotiboy...

But we had a really nice dinner to compensate for that =) Had tomyam lala, prawns, sotong and ikan pari at Petaling Street again. A LOT for two people. Seriously very full, but it was good =)And surprisingly at an adorable price too. Wait. At an affordable price too.

That shop is located next to Hong Leong Bank, which is opposite the porridge stall. Only thing is that seafood stall opens from 5pm onwards. While the porridge stall caters for breakfast and lunch.

Am I confusing? Cuz I'm confused.

Sooo... anyway... on the way back to Kampar, we witnessed a burning car along the highway. The WHOLE car was literally in flames. It's like in the movies. No shit. And it was raining at that time. NO SHIT MAN!

Okay, I need to shit.


Shit la, why is the game loading sooo slow??? Machikedee...

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