Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali!

Soo tired.

Hung out at Remy the bulldog's house for a few hours crapping nonsense. Then later, Meitheng, Remy and I went to Pushpa's house for Deepavali. 2 other girls, Mabel and another very familiar looking indian girl was there. Both of them didn't seem like they recognised me, so I didn't make any initiative to ask them.

Oh, oh, oh! Pushpa commented that I looked thin and pale. Yay! I was called THIN! To hell with the pale word. LOL. I am an optimistic person. The glass is either full or half full =P

Anyway, didn't do much there. Just sat around watching TV (gawd, some dramas are sooo... stupidly dramatic) and ate cookies. So after having an Indian late lunch at her house, I met up with JB at Uncle 2. The place was dark and air conditioned and really... I dunno... nice? You can spend hours there playing like a zombie. It's pretty addictive, especially when winning. Duh. Gambled for the first time and won RM20! Woohoo!

Imma treat KFC tonight =)

Can't wait to play again. But I must remember not to push my luck and get too greedy.

It just rained very heavily just now. It's stopped now, but still thundering a little. I hope it stops completely tonight. I really wanna go to the pasar malam!

Which reminds me, I need to finish up 3 lecture videos before I go.

I'll stop now because I need to poop.

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