Sunday, October 30, 2011

Google Adsense - The beginning

If you might've noticed, I've put up Google ads all over my blog 2 days ago.

I really went ballistic with the ads as you can see. I have one on the sidebar, inline ads after every latest post and one right at the bottom of my blog. I also added a Google Search ad. See the search box on your right? That's it.

Ya, so pretty much everywhere.

I decided to start putting up ads because my blog traffic has been steadily increasing to a point where I believe that adding ads now might be able to generate some moolah.

Last time, when I first started out, I had nuffnang ads on my blog but they were practically useless because of my measly traffic... and some other unknown factors. I might put up nuffnang ads in the future again, like maybe the year end, after experimenting with Google ads.

I need to experiment with what layout works with what arrangement of ads, what content can attract the right traffic that actually makes people click on the ads and... uh... I forgot what I'm supposed to write.

Okay... got writer's block. Cannot blame me, this is the second post for today.


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