Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday night

Ma hands hurt like hell.

Played snooker and lou fu gei at Uncle 2 in the afternoon. And later at night went to Ipoh for bowling. There were a crazy amount of people bowling. So put our names on the waiting list and passed the time playing pool. After 2 games of pool, finally had a vacant bowling lane for us. Feels good to bowl although I only got 2 measly strikes over 2 games =( Tarak form lagi la.

Now me fingers numb numb. I cry cry. Sob sob. Kawaii, kawaii. Sad, sad.

And I had KFC and McD today. What the f***. But it good man. Long time tarak makan McD la brother. Makan fries and sundae sampai jelak.

I suddenly am not liking burgers. Didn't even touch the filet'o'fish my brothers bought.

So just got back and I'm dead beat tired... NOT.

I'm not tired la. Still raring to go even though it's pass 12 midnight.

So no surprise that I failed to complete my lectures today (I mean yesterday, but I still feel it's friday when it's technically saturday already. But subjectively it's a friday for me. Got a problem with that???). 6 more to go. I guess I'll put my brainless brain to use now. Before that, I need to go to the toilet first.

Merry night!

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