Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nails, gossips and god knows what else

Yay! Had my first ever manicure yesterday with Angel =) She wrote an awesome post about it on her blog here.

I'm called Katy already. LOL!

Anyway I wanted a baby pink colour but it seems that my skin is too dark for that light color. Although if I really wanted that color, I could have gone ahead with it. It's not that bad but I finally decided to go with a darker, warmer pink cherry-like tone with a glossy finish to accentuate my skin tone.

I also bought myself 2 tops from Jim Fashion in Bandar Baru. The day before, I had already decided what I wanted to buy because they have an online site. I had really casual yet chic clothes pieces on my mind, so nothing frilly or dressy.

Here's the list of tops I wanted to buy:

I soooo wanted this top!!! Omigosh! So pretty! But it's f%^&ing not available!

Got stock. But the material was really thin and... fragile??

Same as above.


Wasn't even on the site there -.-

Not even there either.

Not there. %^&*

Not even on the site there! Wth. I wanted to get this color and I've been wanting this kind of off shoulder top for some time now! Sigh. Still in the progress of searching...

Conclusion: I didn't get any of the shirts listed above. LMAO!

The Jim fashion site at bandar baru and the link given above is the same. BUT! The bandar baru site has like HALF the selection from the real site. AND! you can expect at least a quarter of what's shown on the bandar baru site to not be available. Sad. At least now I know.

But the 2 tops I bought were nice. And affordable =) I shall post pictures of them when I have the time. Which means never lah k. Dream on!! HAHA!

Okay, now to do as many f2&3 questions as possible by nightfall, because I have so much to prepare since I'm expecting the arrival of someone tonight *wink*wink*




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