Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr ape

Relationships and who you choose to be with are very personal. Don't judge somebody by who they are with. A likes B. Don't say "A, your choice sucks. B is too stupid, too ugly, too short, too fat, too dark... Hahaha. I can't imagine you two together."

It's one's own choice and it really is none of anybody's concern. It's just disrespectful when you critisize other people's relationships.

I really, really don't like it when people critisize the personal choices I make.

I have one "friend" who loves critisizing the person I chose to be in a relationship with. Let's call him Mr. ape. Mr ape has this uncanny ability to see only the negative in my choice. Which is very, very amusing because mr ape is nothing at all near prince charming level. He is very much in ape level. For the sake of sarcasm, I will call my choice, prince :)

He has been making fun of prince charming ever since last year. So I think it is alright if I rant it out now. I mean, it's been over a year and I just let it be, but mr ape has not changed.

I am not mad, but rather I'd just thought that I'd share this amusing mr ape character in my blog.

Now, you should know that mr ape looks like... an ape. Literally. Mr ape thinks he looks good just because he is tall and big. Therefore, mr ape bangs his chest and claims superiority over prince in every aspect. But he forgets one crucial thing. He is fat like an over-weight ape.

The most disgusting thing is, mr ape critisizes prince in front of other people. Mr ape blatantly, without any shame, will laugh and speak very loudly about all the shortcomings of prince. And his laugh is very yucky. it sounds something like a continuously loud snort.

Usually, I don't compare your choice to my choice or whatever. But mr ape is just provoking me.

And now, oh look. His own choice is being condemned by other people. His mate is not responding his affections. People are saying they do not suit one another. People are talking behind his back. People are talking bad things about his mate. I did not condemn his choice. Other people did. So what goes around, comes back full force.

His mate, let's name her she-girl, is being ridiculed by others. Which I think is unfair for her. It's too bad that she got herself entangled in this mess.

She-girl is a very nice girl, sincere and transparent. So sometimes she gets ridiculed for her innocence. After hearing her side of her story, I am ashamed that before this, I judged her by what I heard from others.

So mr ape, don't condemn people's choice unless you want karma to slap you full in the face.

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