Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st September

Mother says to breathe in... take it all in... and breathe out... let it all go. I can do it.

It's September and it's a special month for me. So I thought I'd just list a few major things I want to achieve for the next 4 months (before 2012).

1. Get BRACES!!! Wee~ Although it probably has to come out of my own pocket money. Better now than never. I don't want to be wearing braces to work. (You may not notice but my upper row teeth juts out at a slight angle and my bottom rows are crooked)

2. Pass F2 and F3 by end of next month, October. If possible, squeeze in F4 by this year. And increase my passing margin too. My passing marks for F1 is so-so only. I recently talked with one of my friend who's also taking up ACCA. Bloody smart guy. He got higher marks for F1 and I agree that F1 is relatively basic. Rats. He also said that mostly everyone that took f2 & 3 were passing with A grades! Wheewwww~

3. Start chess training again. I miss the whole competitive feel. I miss my mini friends. I miss the game :(

4. Weigh 48kg(or lesser. ngehehehe). I am currently weighing 50kg. I said it. It's out. Yes, its only 2kg, what the hell right. But I'm standing at around 5ft 4inches(164cm) only, so me thinks a 2kg drop will make a pretty significant difference.

5. Be happy! =)

Angel's going back to KL tomorrow morning. So today, we hung out a lot together. During our schooling days, we'd walk to bandar baru under the hot afternoon sun all the way from old town. But I got to drive the car this time round! Sweet =)

I remember the times where we used to walk to where ever. And we encountered so many strange things along the way. Some were just creepy. Nevertheless, memories of our walking days~

So we went for a facial at a parlour opposite GKH. Called ENZO Beauty Spa Station. They were having a promotion in conjunction with the Raya/Merdeka Celebrations.

I chose a promotional package costing RM39.90, Clay Organics something something. The normal price iss RM68. So I thought it was a steal =)

During the session, the masseur noticed that my skin had a dry problem so she asked me whether I would like to add on an extra mask treatment for hydrating. Cost an additional RM8. Normal price RM16. So I said yes. Only RM8. Give lah.

After 2 hours or so, I was done with my facial and I headed outside to pay the bill. Guess what? They only charged me RM39.90! LOL. I guess my masseur forgot about the extra mask treatment. And they trim your eyebrows for you free of charge too. LOL.

And it's 11 something at night now. I haven't done anything to my face but it still feels supple and soft to touch. Angel also commented that their blackhead extraction, albeit painful for her, is very effective.

Only gripe we had was the massage chairs that were a bit too hard. After some time, both our necks ached being on the stiff chairs for too long.

But still, compared to Herbaline in old town, I'd go for ENZO. I also felt ENZO's facial treatment really worked on me. Herbaline wins in terms of interior design and comfort but in terms of price and results, ENZO wins hands down.

Anyway, the lantern festival's coming. I wonder whether family will be doing anything.

I missed the times when grandma was alive. She was the one who held the whole clan close.

All of us cousins would come together and light up lanterns in the big backyard in our KL house last time. We'd off all the lights. Then whole place would be pitchblack except for the lantern lights that lighted the backyard. And we'd chase each other around the illuminated garden. Very beautiful.

Grandparents would also buy for us those little moon biscuits in different shapes and sizes. I remember being intrigued by those biscuits. And I'd be fighting with my siblings for the nicest looking biscuit.

And how could I forget those mooncakes. I used to love nibbling on the outer crust or skin of the mooncake. And I'd leave the filling on the plate and run off.

End of reminiscing.

So that wraps up another day. Happy September everyone:)

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