Saturday, August 27, 2011

Say wha?

So I got a few people who were defensive over what I wrote in my last post. Well, this is what I have to say.

First off, I never mentioned that ALL degrees are flimsy.

I said "BASIC" degrees.

Okay, I admit that the word "basic" is a very vague word. And I believe what you thought what BASIC meant was ALL degrees.

Which is NOT what I meant.

I do not think that a degree in Information Systems is flimsy. Neither is a degree in Architecture.

What I did not want to do was list down those "basic degrees".

You know why? Because basic degrees is SUBJECTIVE. To a genius who's holding a QUANTUM PHYSICS degree, a basic degree might mean a degree in educational science.

A basic degree is for me, a fairly simple degree that is relatively EASY to get and most people with below average marks will be opting for. ELEMENTAL degree not an in-depth degree. Logically thinking, are those kinds of degrees going to give you the EDGE in the market?

And I specifically mentioned that if you're smart, take something that STANDS OUT and can make you IN DEMAND in the market. And when I said take something that STANDS OUT, what do you think that means? Take a more CHALLENGING/DEMANDING course or DEGREE.

And anonymous, from the way you write, you sound pretty smart. But its curious that you would immediately take offence. Why? Because you thought that your degree is flimsy (??)

If you truly believe that it was worth it, then what's the fuss? Just ignore what I write. I don't even know what degree you're holding.

I'm just meaning well. That's all dude. So chill.

"Unlike other basic courses, you end up holding a flimsy degree that won't get you far truth be told and can only get you a norrow scope jobs. And truth be told, degrees are not long lasting. You wanna find a job with a basic degree when you're 40? Fat chance."

I got flamed because of this particular paragraph. Please note that I used the words BASIC COURSES. Are all courses "basic"? And refer to the paragraphs earlier. I mentioned that my results were SUCKY (as in TERRIBLE) so I was not able to apply for HIGHER COURSES. Yes, basic, pretty vague word. But again, I'm refering to it as EASY/SIMPLE.

One of my aunties is a degree in BLANK - FILL IN YOURSELF. And she is currently working in a company for more than 10 years and is struggling to get promoted. Why? Because her qualifications were holding her back! Her colleagues her age have all gone higher due to holding higher qualifications. Truth is, she's a smart lady but when she was young, she thought she couldn't handle a tougher course so she settled for an easier one.

That's a fact.

But even with a so called flimsy degree, you still can be a multi millionare. Go run your OWN BUSINESS. But that's besides the point.

I'm not implying that I'm SMART, but a girl is entitled to her opinions correct?

"ACCA too, offers narrow job scopes, so you're pretty contradicting. There's no difference because if one gets a degree he/ she also has the choice in opting other choices in life too. It's not like you can't and it's not like it's a dead end. Really now, it's a laugh to say that ACCA is something that STANDS OUT. lol???"

And yes, in my opinion, I think that ACCA stands out for ME. I don't know about you.

Maybe a degree in PHARMACY stands out for YOU. Maybe a degree in BUSINESS stands out for my NEIGHBOUR.

So what? You're entitled to your own opinions and mine, to mine. We're not going to have a war on that are we?

How do you know that ACCA offers narrow job scopes? Have you done a research on it? Have you spent weeks trying to figure out what ACCA is about? I have.

So if you are going to University, if possible, take up something that's going to make you STAND OUT not blend in.

And I think you forgot this sentence. Does this imply that ALL degrees are flimsy? Then why would I bother writing take up something that stands out in Uni if all are flimsy?

And once you've gotten your degree, OF COURSE you can opt for other choices in life. I didn't say you couldn't. But then wouldn't it be a bit of a waste?

Let's say you're 30. For the sake of argument, let's use a degree in Medicine and a degree in Nursing. The "basic", less in-depth course would be Nursing. So obviously the potential emplyer is gonna choose that person with a degree in Medicine. Because a degree in medicine STANDS OUT.

Its the same with ACCA and a related course like a degree in accounting. Duh. Of course you can always upgrade to ACCA but it may take a little bit more time.

I didn't say ACCA is superior. I'm HAPPY with my choice so I have an urge to BRAG. Is that also a crime? This is my blog.

And I believe that ACCA is superior to whatever choices I (not others) could have made if I did not know what I was in for. If I chose to do a degree in Business instead of ACCA, I would think that I made a LOUSY decision.

Why? Because my goal then would NOT be to study. But to enjoy University life. I could not choose to do a higher degree in University due to my results which did not meet the requirements. So I either had to settle for a really "basic" one or go PRIVATE and do ACCA.

If you notice, I'm doing a LOGICAL COMPARISON. And I'm doing this comparison because I believe I can handle ACCA. And ACCA is a superior decision in that perspective. Not relating to my PEERS.

I won't be able to compare ACCA with a MEDICAL degree because they are not related.

But I would be able to compare a MEDICAL degree with a NURSING degree. Which one is "basic" and which one STANDS OUT?

I'm not saying that Nursing degree holders are stupid. I'm saying that if you are capable (and SMART enough) to be a Doctor, obviously you'd go for that.

As simple as that.

Case closed.

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