Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Ya lah, I freaking lazy to take self pictures the past few months. Because what la, and lah la.

Anyway, I'm planning to open a new facebook account... again. Cilaka. But I miss my gazzilion friends *ahem*. Wanna see what they're all up to.

So open facebook sure must have pictures right?

Who wants to be friends with an empty profile picture? Or a picture of Mickey Mouse and his friends?

Anyway, tonight I coerced my sister into slave labour = tying my hair. She says my hair is so damn smooth *AHEM* so it's like freaking difficult to tie.

I don't know whether to take it as an excuse not to tie my hair or a compliment. I think it's the latter.

But finally, I got braided hair. Me sucks at braiding my own hair because my hair's so damn smooth :D

No lah, I just suck la cuz my favorite hairstyle is... letting my hair go.

So then we randomly started taking pictures. My two younger sisters joined the fun but later went to sleep, I was still snapping with my 13 year old sister late into the night.

She's Merlin. Gawd, I hate typing "my 13 year old sister" so many times. So Merlin and I were camwhoring. Sounds wrong. But oh well.

Finally, proper photos of myself I can actually put up online! Yay!

Expect my profile to be up tomorrow... or maybe this weekend. Just forgot I have an exam this friday @_@

Usually, the pictures taken by my family members are of my half naked little sisters running around the house or throwing a tantrum or peeing on the floor or starting a fire. Just kidding on the last one.

And they too, shall be given a name each. Boo (2 yrs) and Mowgli (6 yrs).

This is Boo.

That is Mowgli.

Still with me?

Merlin, Boo and Mowgli. My 2 brothers are Skinny (older one) and Stick (younger one). Cuz that's how they are. Literally.

I'm KATY :)


...or my mum's goofy face popping up my doorway. Or my half assed face staring into space.

Courtesy of unproffesional photographers who's aim are to take the most unflattering pictures of the brood as possible.

Yea, the uglier the better weh!

Suddenly got writer's block.

So on with the vanity pics. Usually I'll edit the pictures by playing around with the lighting or cropping 'em. I also have photoshop although I'm still learning how to use it.

But tonight I can't be bothered with editing my pictures. So they are in their true, raw, grainy form.

And also, check out our house clothes! AWESOME! Just kidding. Please don't check them out.

The only one that I edited the brightness and contrast with is the first picture.

The rest tarak edit.

Merlin and I.

This is pretty charm bracelet (don't know whether you can see it) was bought for me by JB during our first virgin trip to KL together. Sweet memories :)

A clearer picture of it on my silky smooth legs. LOL. Quite the opposite actually. They're kinda dehydrated at the moment. It's flaky.

The cicak look.

Say hi to my new camwhoring partner!

I'm wearing a sweater in the pictures because it's bloody cold tonight! Make it bloody cold the whole day. Scratch that again. It's been bloody cold for the past few days.

Me likes :)

Ok, bye.


  1. I for one fully supports camwhoring, nice pictures although it's kinda blurry. I'm guessing camera phone?

  2. Taken by my sucky camera. LOL. Still waiting for the day to come when I can buy myself a really good one:)

  3. O.o why suddenly want to make a new facebook account?