Friday, August 19, 2011

Nubra review - Strapless bra

Have you ever wanted to wear those pretty bare back dresses/tops or deep-Vs or tank tops with spaghetti straps but you have no idea what to do with your unsightly bra straps or lines showing?

I hated my bra straps showing in those kinds of tops. it just kills the whole look. And everytime I go shopping, I could only choose tops with cuts that hid the bra straps. So un-fun.

I found out about nu bra, a special kind of bra where you just paste in on your bosom, fiddle a bit with the position and ta-dah! You get an au-naturel cleavage without straps or any visible bra lines! Awesome ya.

A heaven sent strapless bra.

I went online and did some research and placed an online order with MOIS nubra company. I chose MOIS because their nubra received good reviews. Some nubras from other companies were not sticky enough or lacked a variety of colours.

Check out their facebook page at the bottom of the picture. They have some really pretty designs.

So I purchased the pair (bras use "pair" ah?) last Saturday. The price for one was RM60 and I chose a pink one. My parcel promptly arrived on Tuesday. Was so excited when I got the parcel.


The plastic casing. Super important because that's where I store my nubra after hand washing and air-drying it.

The adhesive side. It's super sticky to the touch.

So anyway, I just got back from an intensive KL shopping day trip with JB and two other friends yesterday. Will be posting about that soon.

And with the help of my nubra, I wore a backless halter, deep V top to KL. No strings attached! Literally.

*sheds tears of joy*

And it stuck all day long (about 15 hours)!

Washing it was easy enough once you know how to do it.

Happy with my purchase :)

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  1. I see...good review about Nubra then. I'm still deciding on the brands tho.