Sunday, August 28, 2011

New facebook account

Yay! Finally had the time to open a new account :)

So nice to reconnect with me pals :)

Only have one picture uploaded.

Which gives me the chance to camwhore more :)

My facebook name is still Missy Miyen.

Boring lo. But I don't want to change it again and again.

I've been wanting a christian name. Y'know, for fun or work purposes.

The first name I was infatuated with was Imogen. I know it's not really a common name but it sounded unique then. Now it just sounds... androgynous.

Then Missy (which stuck until now cuz it rhymed with my name. Sorta). Then Vanessa because I idolised her last time. Then Charmaine as suggested by one of my part time working colleagues.

And currently, it's Katy. Because it sounds fun and sweet and... purple. Don't ask me why.

But I won't be bothered to put Katy beccause everybody will be like, you changed your name... again?

So I'll save "Katy" for work life.

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