Monday, August 29, 2011


The CLEO September 2011 issue is AMAZING. Covergirl is Katy Perry (I love her!) and they gave like THREE freebies away: a Biotherm skincare lotion sample, a Palmolive showerbath sample and a MANGO bookmark!

And their magazines are never thin.

I met up with Angel last Saturday and just updated each other on one another's life. We hung out for hours :) I missed her :) I guess she'll be heading back to KL soon to continue her studies. I think I'll be heading to KL again next month for something I'm planning *wink*wink* and I wanna sleep over at her place! It's gonna be a blast if she agrees :D

And today I went for lunch with the girlfriends (Clarrise, Harsherin, Meitheng, Pushpa) and Mok at KFC.

Some are returning to KL/Nilai/Indonesia and some are leaving for Terengganu and Sarawak. All NEXT WEEK.

Must be pretty exciting for all :) I wish them all the best!

Girlfriends and I talked about relationships. All of us are taken (except Meitheng) and we were betting to see who would be the first to walk down the aisle among us. It was fun. I mean, I'd be stoked to watch my good friend (who are of the same age) get married. It'll be soo cute!

Two of them betted that I'll be the first to walk down that stupid aisle.

Frankly speaking, I am not AT ALL thinking about that. I may day dream about wedding dresses, but that's about it. That's because:

1. I like the word "girlfriend". It sounds so pink, flirty and young... and fluffy.

2. I don't really like the sentence "I'm his wife." (eew... no offence to my mum).

3. I hate small kids(lol, kidding). But seriously, I have a 2-year old sister and I have had enough of seeing her shit on the floor, like everyday.

4. Oh, and I like my surname.

Although this is my longest (and most serious) relationship yet, I am thoroughly enjoying the ride. Thinking about little things like the way he suddenly hugs me from behind, I blush. *blushes*

Y'know, just an hour or two ago, I was browsing through my "wish book". It's been a year since I actually went through it and most of my notes were LAST YEAR'S notes. It's sorta like my diary where I write down my wishes and stuff.

There were so many things that came true too. Ticking them off my wishlist just blew me away! Making wishlists and seeing them come true just empowers me. Things like getting a stable flow of money after a major financial crisis that lasted several years really makes me feel so grateful for the simple things in life.

1. A super comfy bed and super lumpy pillows. I like 'em real lumpy and squishy.

2. Big, clear, crisp monitor screen. Like typing this post on a huge TV screen.

3. Bloody fast internet connection.

4. The way the upstairs looks like a cyber centre.

5. I like my legs. I like my figure. I like the fact that I do not need to wax my legs as they are forever hairless.

6. I like how my mum can be so hilarious at times.

7. I like how Boo and Mowgli (my sisters) are so cute. Boo looks like a muffin top. Mowgli looks like Mowgli from Jungle Book.

The End.

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