Sunday, August 28, 2011

Love fest

Made lunch for loverboy and I. Home-made spaghetti :) These 2 days, we spent most of our time together. I needed some company while family's away. I'm so thankful to him because he took so much time out to be with me. He left an hour ago and I suddenly miss him so much :(

Argh! Cannot be like this lah I.

To the pictures.

Crabmeat balls and sliced & fried chicken sausages (they look like oiled worms).

Prego spaghetti sauce. It was on the sour side so I put in my own seasoning: pepper, black sauce, oyster sauce and salt.

Adding the sliced sausages into the sauce. Angel suggested this to me.

Ta-dah! Ready to serve!


When you tell someone you love that you really appreciate what they do for you (considering that you hardly tell them things like that because you're not the mushy type of person), you will feel sooo good!

Although it's a little bit embarassing (especially if you're not used to saying things like that), seeing their lit up expressions or if you can't see them, sensing the sudden change in the tone of their message really makes your day:)

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