Saturday, August 20, 2011

KL day trip

I love the new monitor screen. It's so big. Next time I buy my laptop, I want it to have a big screen too.

Just finished part 13 F1 MCQs. 5 more parts to go before I can move on to Objective questions. Gonna finish all 5 parts today.

As I promised, I shall write about my KL day trip a day ago.

4 people went all together. Another double date. Aim: 3 of them (except me) wants to buy new clothes and shoes for University life next month. I just accompanied JB to help him choose his clothes. Anyway, he said if I didn't go, he wouldn't go too. So I just went for the fun of it and to be with him although I'm not close to the other 2.

I slept over at JB's house because the train was scheduled to leave at 5.50am. We met Wai Sam and Ah Wai at the station and reached KL at around 8am.

Which is like really early. If I planned the trip, I'd take the 8 something bus to Bukit Jalil and from there, take the monorail to where ever.

So had roti canai for breakfast in one of the shops opposite Times Square. During breakfast, 3 of them were yakking away without giving a s**t to me. I just kept quiet and ate my food like a good girl. I'm used to it actually lah.

I'm not close to the other 2, so can't really talk to them lah. Try to talk also tak ngam. Boring loh.

When people don't want to involve me, I don't pretend to be part of the conversation lah. Last time I was like that. But now, look like noob mai look like noob lah. What the hell.

Anyway, after the shops opened, we went our separate ways.

Seriously, JB decides on his clothes super fast. I mean I just pick like 4 to 5 clothes for him to try on. Then he goes to the changing room and after a few minutes, he comes out with his choice. He doesn't really fuss about what he wears.

Sometimes he overdoes it by wearing really old, washed out shirts so I do my part by limiting the amount of time he wears them. But we're in Kampar lah. Who cares right? At least confirm he's 100% man. Haha.

For me, I try on an army load of clothes, put them all back on the rack, zip out of the shop and run to other shops :P

So after 2 hours, we finished shopping for his clothes. Then we went to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I chose the last seats so we can make out in peace. But in the end did not, because too exciting liao the show.

And surprisingly, the ending was happy. I thought maybe Caesar (the star ape) or Will would get killed or something. But only the bad guys died. Yay! I like happy endings :)

Then went to Sungei Wang, walked around, then discovered we were hungry. So I saw this huge advertisement on one of the pillars. It was about the T-bowl restaurant, a quirky toilet concept restaurant. Quite popular, came out in the newspapers before.

So went there for lunch. The chairs were shaped like colourful toilet bowls. The tables were basins and the utensils were mini men's cubicle, bath tubs and miniature toilet bowls. Their menus also have Dessert also served like shit. Cute leh. In a bizzare way.

But JB like tak ada response. He just went in like it's any normal restaurant -_- Is it him or are boys generally like that in their attempt to maintain their coolness admist all things cute?

Too bad I didn't bring my camera. Hold that thought for a sec. No use also lah bring my camera. Because:

1. Camera is lousy. Hands have to be super duper steady especially when taking near shots, if not pictures guarantee come out grainy and blurry.

2. JB doesn't like taking pictures. So I'll look like a noob... again. Generally, most guys don't really like taking pictures. But just wait until I get my hands on a new camera!

I ordered Cheese Baked Tuna Rice which was served in a miniature toilet bowl, which I thought, tasted really nice, rich and creamy. Jb doesn't like it though.

He says he's not used to the taste. He ordered Canto Fish Rice served on a seashell platter. They gave a very generous portion of rice and a good amount of fish. I thought it tasted nice. I asked JB how it tasted and he immediately said it tasted too sweet for his liking. That's because you makan with too much sauce lah dear!

Very mang la I. Next time I tak mau pilih tempat makan anymore. Always the food isn't nice for him. Conclusion, I'll make a very bad food reviewer. Everything tastes good to me so long as it's not shit pun intended. How can I remain so humble and modest? Haih...

Anyway, if you wanna read a really good post on the T-bowl restaurant, here's a really good post with big, high def pictures of the restaurant.

For dessert we had, uh... I forgot. But it was really nice. Lot's of fruits in blended lychee ice. Even the almighty food nitpicker agrees.

Bill came out to RM42. RM4-5 was for the service charge. Bloody high service charge me thinks. JB, thank you for treating me ah. Muah!

After that we went to Low Yat to have a look at the cameras and laptops. I cannot wait to get a new camera and laptop. I think I'd like a laptop first. Cuz I already have a camera. Just that it's a bit crappy loh.

At 6pm, met the other couple. Ah Wai bought more things than his girlfriend. They had like bulging plastic bags. Worth a few hundred bucks.

Too bad I don't have that kind of money to spend like that. And also, I'm not going to Uni. So no use also buy nice clothes.


Around 7pm, boarded train back to Kampar. Reached Kampar at 9 something. Freaking tired ah I tell you. Legs masuk angin already. Once I reached my house, didn't bother bathing. Just changed into pyjamas, hopped into bed and fell fast asleep.

Okay, I feel very nauseatic now. Looking into the computer screen until wanna vomit liao.

So ciao!

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  1. Must go and try out T-bowl liao. Looks bizarre yet interesting...