Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I deleted Nuffnang ads on my blog

Because they are useless. Totally.

Customer is not satisfied *pouts*

My mum's blog, which has been desolate still managed to earn RM8(!!) from Google Adsense.

And this blog which has been with Nuffnang since it's birth has earned nothing but a big fat "O"


Why are they so stingy? 10 cents also cannot give meh?

It's so disheartening. I'm basically giving them free ad space for nothing in return. So many months and they give me empty promises. Gah. Annoying max.

And what's the hype with being a Glitterati member? I don't see anything special loh considering I was a Glitterati.

So I removed the ads but I don't know how to delete my account! Help. *puppy eyes*

My Nuffnang account under Problem is, that email is BLOCKED!!! I have no effing idea how that happened. What if someone is misusing my email??

What if they're using my email to access the hundreds of ringgit in my Nuffnang account? *perasan*

The culprits will rot in hell.

But whatever it is, I'm just shutting down as much as possible, anything related to my old email and those sites that have tricked me *Nuffnang*cough*Nuffnang*

Oh, and one more thing. I've removed my chatbox too. It's annoying to see blogwalkers trying to make me click their links.

Maybe in the future I'll sign up with Google Adsense but not until I get my traffic up.

For now, I'll just enjoy writing :)


  1. this one i totally agree with you... my experience is during I join, the earning fast, after a while, the earning like totally cannot move...

  2. lol. I lagi teruk :( yea, I wonder what's wrong with them hor @_@

  3. I have the same problem with you my dear. I looked in their 'FAQ' and even tried Google on how to delete Nuffnang acct but to no avail. They don't even have responsive helpdesk

  4. haha... coming back to this post, it's been a long while! Now I'm back to nuffnang again *hypcrite* lol.

    But do try writing to their helpdesk to ask them to manually change your email. i think they can help :)

  5. Nuffnang ads depend on Javascript or flash. Those are things that browsers are able to block so now the company has shifted towards a Social Networking for bloggers company.

    Use nuffnang forums to advertise your posts. Don't expect much money because the people who visit your site would have had those ads blocked off by their browsers.

    When you become popular, the company will contact you for PAID advertisements. That's when the money comes in. But that's only the top 10% of nuffnang. So, go figure.

    The rich get richer & the poor get poorer dreaming of getting rich. Your time is better spend elsewhere.