Sunday, August 21, 2011

Egg tarts

Baked egg tarts with mum yesterday :)

Mum bought new moulds and ingredients. The moulds we had were too deep. I wanted it to taste like the egg tarts sold commercially but with that homemade freshness and crispiness.

And this is the first time we got the taste and texture and look right! I mean, we baked egg tarts a few times before this but the pastry would come out too... hard or crumbly or... I dunno. And placing the dough into the moulds were a hassle because the recipe we used were the tough dough type.

But whatever, this time mum used a different pastry recipe and it turned out really nice and crispy! Hongkong-style :)

The pastry really makes alot of difference!

The filling wasn't a problem so we were good to go.

Unbaked pastry in moulds ready to be filled.

Fresh outta the oven!

Nom nom!

Tasted delish!

I have in total, gobbled up 5 egg tarts today. On top of that I had a bowl of tom yam noodles and chocolate banana smoothie. Gah!


Pardon, I have a love-hate relationships with egg tarts.

There goes my weight. Sigh.

I like really big, clear pictures on my blog (or none at all). But sadly, my post frame width is a bit too narrow. If you noticed in my Nubra post, I enlarged the photos but they got too wide for my blog post frame.

Does anyone know how to make a really chio, pink blogskin for me?? Anyone?? Because everytime I try changing my blogskin, I get all kinds of errors. From the blogskin not being compatible with my site to the skin being too rigid and inflexible.

I'm thinking of revamping my blogskin this Christmas :)

And getting my very own Christian name :)

Yes, Christmas. I live in the future.

oh f**k, I re-read my last post and noticed so many grammar errors in my post! Going to correct them. Malunya.

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