Saturday, July 9, 2011

Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 - KLCC

I went for a day trip to KL last Friday. Left in the late morning and arrived there around lunch.

Got to Central, hopped onto the LRT to KLCC. Went walking around with buddies and stumbled upon Estee Lauder's Model Search pit stop.

Before moving on, I am sooo sorry because I did not take a single bloody picture, because I could not. Don't ask me why. Long story.

Anyway, visualising is good exercise for your brain.

Moving on...

I read about this EL search before in the Star. It looked interesting but I never had the time or money to consider going for it... until now.

The whole thing fascinated me. It was a big, bustling area right smack in the centre of KLCC concourse with 12 make up booths, around 6 hair stations, fitting rooms, beautiful prom-like dresses lining the racks and a mini photograph studio.

Around the border were white colored counters displaying EL products. The spotlight was on their new lipstick product. Pure color lipstick. I don't really know much about it because I'm not too hot on lipsticks. I'm more of a lipgloss girl.

Anyway, I decided to sign up for their makeover package. It included getting my make up done by professional make up artists, getting my hair done by Miko hair galere, outfit by Carven Couture and a photography session by NewLook Studio.

So signed up with the help of a few helpful assistants. Then one lady ushered me to the make up booth.

There I was greeted by Isaac, a young-looking make up artist. He looked to be in his mid-twenties. Later he told me that he's been in the business for 7 years already! Anyway, he moisturised my face, put eye cream and a bunch of other skin care stuff. I don't know.

Next was the foundation. Seriously, after putting on the foundation, my skin looked porcelain smooth! I guess the secret is finding the right shade.

Then Isaac started working his magic. After the make up was on, I looked... gorgeous. LOL. Not being vain or anything, but seriously, his skills were bloody amazing. I wish I had a picture to show y'all but I gave my portrait to my boyfriend already.

I then proceeded to the hair station. OK, I must admit that having hair that not long, sucks. My hair just falls below my shoulder blades. So I couldn't get the curls I wanted if I had long hair. So the guy just slight curled my ends, making my hair swing in.

Next I proceeded to change to a resplendent red prom-like dress. The assistant took like, 2 seconds to choose the dress for me. And it fitted like a glove! The fastest dress-choosing ever!

Then off for my first ever REAL photoshoot :) Surprisingly, I was feeling pretty excited and not at all nervous. The very, very helpful photographer made me feel at ease. It was all fun and swell. I wouldn't mind going for another photoshoot ;)

After that, I was ushered to the booth where I'd have to select the best 3 pictures to be submitted for the contest. And one picture to be printed out as a gift.

The person there, a pretty good looking guy was so friendly. It was fun choosing the pics. So, finally chose a picture out of a selection of 10 or so. Laminated it and I brought it home with care.

A special gift for boyfriend so he only remembers my best angles once in University =)

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