Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rebonded hair

Finally decided to take the plunge and rebonded my hair last Wednesday.

In the spur of the moment i just chose to go to a salon next to Rhythm, Sit Yen Unisex Salon, because... well, just because.

Actually, I'm not really a fan of stick straight hair. But neither am I a fan of frizzy, unruly hair (a.k.a. my natural hair).

I've been thinking of getting big, loose curls for my hair but thought otherwise because curly hair will only look really good if I have hair that's at least until my breast bone.

Anyway, I requested for treatment + rebond and the stylist was like "you can only do hair treatment after waiting at least a week after you rebond."

Okaayyy... seriously, never heard of that before. As far as I know, I've many friends who do both the treatment and rebond at the same time.

I was feeling lazy to check out other salons so I just settled for that salon. Oh well, at least I didn't need to spend extra, considering the price of rebonding alone is already RM160.

So the whole process took 3 hours++ and my was f***ing straight after that. My hair was like a piece of shiny black plastic draped over my head. My face never looked that oblong before. One of my friend said that during the period before my first hair wash, my hair is bound to look like that. So I guess.. yeah.

I was told not to wash my hair for 3 days and not to tie it for a whole week(??). The first day, my hair was really straight, flat and just smelt of chemicals. The smell lingered in my hair for 2 whole days.

By the 2nd day (excluding the day I rebonded my hair), I was like "to hell with her advice" and I went for a jog with my hair TIED.

Anyway, my verdict for that particular salon is 3 stars out of 5. Because I can't say that my hair is glossy and unnaturally straight. I mean, I couldn't get a treatment done! Boo! I met my friend for a drink a few hours after I rebonded and she asked me whether I did SOFT rebonding.

That's a type of rebonding technique that isn't as harsh as normal rebonding. Soft rebonding gives the hair a naturally straight look, unlike the unnaturally straightness of normal rebonding.

But I didn't ask for soft rebonding! And after the first wash, my hair looks uncannily like my natural hair, only straighter with much less frizz but not like the rebonded straight.

Okayy... and that's only like the 4th day after I rebonded my hair. WTF man. How the hell is my straight hair gonna last until the end of the year if it ain't even gonna last like... a week??

That's evidence that the salon didn't do a good job of really, really straightening out my hair. And I lack that supernatural glossiness because they couldn't (OR WOULDN'T) do hair treatment for me T___T

If I were to rebond my hair again, I doubt I'll go back to that salon again.

Anyway, overall, I still like the way my hair turned out... after I washed my hair. Maybe it's good that my hair turned like I got soft rebonding instead of normal rebonding. So I don't end up with extremely stick straight hair.

Only thing I'm dissatisfied is the price I paid. The price was the price to rebond but the effect wasn't exactly the effect of a good rebonding treatment. Oh well, splurge once in a while lah. For experience.

It's soft to the touch, not extremely straight but straight enough (the straightest hair I ever had in the 19++ years of my existence) and looks silky. So, I have to really start pampering my crown of glory now.

Past few days have been hot, hot, hot so I wasn't in the mood to camwhore my newly rebonded hair. Personally it doesn't look like I rebonded my hair. Looks more like my hair is softened and smoother and... more civil. Ok, skip it if you don't get it.

OK, bye.

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