Monday, June 13, 2011

Of bedtimes

Random pictures taken from a BBQ get together I attended last Saturday.

These are the pictures taken from my phone.

Taken by my friend's fancy DSLR:

Note the difference in quality. Sad :'(

I slept at 5am the night before and was up doing stuff non-stop from 11am till BBQ time. Needless to say, I was doggone tired during the BBQ. Most of my ex-form 5 classmates were there too, though I'm not very close to most of them.

But the host of the BBQ, Sylvia just came back from Texas (I'd love to stay in the U.S. someday) for her Summer break. So ya know, just thought I'd turn up and ask how things are going.

Anywayy... lately, my thoughts have been a real mess. Like this afternoon, I tried studying but it was soooo hard I tell ya. I just couldn't concentrate. Like the neurones in my brain just wouldn't connect no matter how hard I tried.

Maybe it's still the after effect of me sleeping at 5 am that day. Worst thing is I stayed up that late mindlessly browsing through pictures of DRESSES.

Cuz ever since I stumbled upon Hilary Duff's wedding pictures, I've been envisioning my own wedding and the dresses I'd be wearing too. With the rate that I'm day-dreaming, I think I'll go insane 5 years down the road.

Back to the topic. I need to reset my biological clock fast. Before that 5am bedtime, I've been consistently sleeping at about 12.30am and waking up at 8am the next day. Well, there were a few 2 am bedtimes, but that was ok.

Now I'm waking up at about 10 am eventhough I've started sleeping at 12.30 am again. But it's only 2 days after that night. After freshening up and having my breakfast, it'd be around 11.00++ am and the glaring, hot sun would be up.

I'd have missed the most effective period for studying: the cool, tranquil mornings. Night time study sessions, although much better than draggy afternoons are still not as good as the morning sessions.

Like now, I don't feel fully rested eventhough I think I've slept for 8 hours. I once read the body really reaps the benefit of a good sleep from 9 am to 4am.

I ain't gonna sleep at 9 am. That's way early. So I'm gonna start sleeping at 11.30pm until I feel fully rested again before undertaking another 12.30 am or 2 am bedtime (once in a while).

Time for my afternoon nap. Toodles!

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