Thursday, June 23, 2011

No more facebook

One more week till July. How time flies.

I spent a lot in June, considering I'm not working. My allowance for this month is *blank*. Can't tell ya XD.

Anyway, a rundown of my expenses this month:

Rebonding & hair products = RM200
Car license = RM75
Outings (pasar malam, yumcha, dates etc.) = RM50
Misc. (reload, groceries, petrol etc.) = RM75

Approximate total = RM400

The two big items that really took a big chunk of my allowance were rebonding and my car license.

But there's still so many things I wanna buy and do. Long shirts, skinny jeans, seamless tube bras, flats, cardigans, denim shorts etc. (is it christmas yet?).

I guess I'll have to wait for the year end since I'd prefer to buy them at KL and the earliest I'll be going there will be in December.

Moving on.

I deactivated my facebook account on the 16th of June because I felt I was spending way too much time on it mostly doing nothing but being a nosy parker.

I had a disgusting obssession of viewing other people's profiles like they were celebrities or something. And because my handphone was (and still is) in a free-wifi zone most of the time, I'd be checking my fb page every 30 minutes.

And after all that checking and browsing, I'd come out feeling dissatisfied, discontented and anything with a dis- infront about my life.

The words "get", "a", "life" come into mind.

But the primary reason is that STPM is slightly more than 4 months away. Maybe I'll get a new account after my exams, maybe I won't. Who cares?

So when I first tried deactivating my account, I found out that I can easily activate it again just by logging back in. Deactivation just meant my profile wouldn't appear in fb and friends wouldn't be able to view my profile. But once I logged back in, everything was the same as it was before. Friends list is still the same, past wall comments remain undeleted, photos unchanged.

I didn't want a temporary deactivation. So I searched around and found out that if you really wanted to delete your fb account for good, you'd have to deactivate your account and not touch it (by not touching it, I mean not logging in or anything - just don't go to near the damn site ok) for at least 14 days.

And once 14 days is up, your account should be permanently deleted. I'm not sure how true this is because I haven't reached 14 days yet. I'm only on the 7th day. i'll let y'all know once I reach day 15 or so.

One more thing, I'm gonna bling my phone for the first time next month! DIY style ^^

See ya!

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  1. Whoa, big decision there! Are you sure about this? I mean sure too much facebook is bad, but to the extent of deactivating your account... That's kinda extreme IMO.

    Well, it's your account. Be sure not to regret it ya!