Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally, a certified driver

Cadbury Gold CRAZE!!!

Dad both boxes of these expensive stuff a few days ago, now there's none left.

Anyways, happy news!

I now have P licenses for both car and motorcycle! Woohoo!

On Wednesday, I repeated my car test for Bahagian 2 (the hill, parking etc. part).

The first time I took my car test was last week. I had to wait super duper long for my turn. Got to the place at about 8.30am and waited until 2pm for my turn. And when I'm feeling anxious, nervous and very impatient, I get woozy... and drugged.

So anyway, my turn came and passed the hill (I hate that part the most, seriously). I was relieved after passing the hill and I got overconfident with my parallel parking. So much so until I lost my sense of left and right and totally screwed up the parallel parking. I did manage to get the car into the box after some desperate twists and turns. But the car was in such a weird angle after that, that I knocked one pole when coming out.

To say the least, I was horrified. It's so weird when you see the Kandas(Fail) box ticked on your result slip. And once I reached the place where you wait for the Bahagaian 3 (on the road test), I was bawling my eyes out shamelessly.

Passed my on the road test, got home and sobbed for another 2 hours. In addition to not getting my sought-after P license, my dad had to fork out another RM110 for me to repeat.

Anyway, I swore to myself to be extra, extra careful during the repeat test and after another nerve-wrecking wait before my turn on Wednesday, I delivered a flawless performance! Heehee..

I was all smiles after that =)

Finally! No more going to LSA Ipoh and waiting my butt off. No more nerve-wrecking tests. No more worrying about failing and then having to go through the whole damn process again. And and no more paying! The whole cost for both my car and motor came up to more than RM1000. Glad that I don't need to set aside money for my license fees anymore.

Now for my lunch. See ya!

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  1. Congrats, let's hope that all your driving blunder ends at the driving tests.

    May you have a safe journey always!

    And those chocolates looked yummy.

    *goes out and buy one*