Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A week worth of updates

Finally, it's raining!

It's been soo hot the past few days (no, make it the past few weeks).

You know, it's seriously torturous to blog with sweat trickling down your back. That's why I haven't been blogging recently.


Anyway, a few things happened in a span of the past week:

Mama's Birthday

The cakes are gorgeous. Why? Because I chose 'em cakes.

Mum's birthday fell on the 6th of May. When your mum's birthday falls so close to Mother's day, there's really no reason to celebrate both. Waste of good money.

So the kids bought her cakes and family had dinner at Kai Xin Restaurant.

Candle blowing session.

Me thinks momma is the funniest lady on this earth.

She huffed and she puffed, but the fire stood firm.

Because they weren't made of hay.

Sister's Birthday

Melin's birthday fell 6 days after mum's. Pity she was sick. But nevertheless, we had a great dinner and played Limbo Rock until my back snapped.


Final weekend of the SEA games selection

Me did not qualify. Me broke down during the last few rounds. Me stupid.

To qualify, I needed to get to the top 4. Which was supposed to be an easy task. But it turned out that I got to over confident and blew my chances. I blew it!

I got 5th dude, I got 5th.

BUT! All is not lost my friend. For behind every failure, there is something hidden behind that which cannot be seen.

A silver lining in that godforsaken cloud.

And that, my humankind, is the reason that we HUMANS WAlK THIS GODDAMN EARTH!!!

I didn't qualify. Big deal.

*goes to corner and bawls my eyes out*

Anyway, I was really sore after throwing the chance away. But right now, I don't really regret it happening that way.

At least god is indirectly (or directly) telling me to not screw up my studies this year. Nuff' said.

My Motor Test

Humans, rejoice!!

I officially have a big, fat, and very juicy P!!! For motor.

I can legally pick up dudes on me bike!

Waittaminute, it's supposed to be the other way round.

But nevertheless, YAY ME!!


I collected my P license today (3 days after the test).

And for the first time, I legally rode my sister around the town.

And then it rained cats and dogs.

And we got home soaked to the bone.

End of my first ride carrying a passenger =)

Anyway... I bought myself flats!

White is a veli pwetty color. It matches with anything, am I right?

You must be thinking, uh... yeah... so?

I don't usually buy myself flats okay? I prefer heels as compared to flats. If I were to buy something flat, it would be um... slippers. But after I started dating, I felt compelled to buy flats cuz I didn't want to tower over puny guy there.

I bought myself a pair of gladiator flats sometime ago, but it's like completely destroyed now.

Anyway, reason for that sudden purchase is because I'm leaving for KL tomorrow (Wee!) for a few days with JB and friends.

And since JB isn't exactly the tallest guy around *snorts*, I had to invest on a good pair of flats.

Or wear slippers there.

I'll write more about the trip after I get home!


Enjoy your weekend people.

For now, tata!

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