Friday, May 27, 2011

Orange Peel

I want a new laptop.

Me brother just got a free netbook from school a few days ago. And I went to KFC like 2 days ago and saw almost every student there on their free 1malaysia netbooks.

I was supposed to get one last year but noooo~ The politicians discovered that the netbooks were better off with them.

So lately I've been studying like a good girl and it kinda feels good. Like I'm rewritting that bad chapter in my life again. This time hopefully with a happy ending for that chapter. Hit rewind and am editing the bad bits.

A second chance.

The road ain't gonna be easy, but I'm prepared to work hard for STPM.

I'm not thinking about university or what course I'd take in the future. I had to drop all that and just focus.

I've limited my time on facebook because it is seriously wasting my life away especially at this crucial period.

When I study with facebook in front of me, I'm only absorbing less than 2% of what I can absorb compared to when I fully concentrate. Very inefficient.

There's an average of 5 months to go. I think I can do it. I'm making much more progress than compared to last year where I had left another 2 months before STPM 2010 and I wasn't even half prepared.

So anyway, I met my teachers yesterday to get some information and I'm going to attend a few chemistry classes in school next week. Taking this chance to clear some doubts about topics I don't understand. I'll be the around juniors with no one I'm close with. But I don't mind so long as I get some form of guidance.

I sure hope to find more interesting things to blog after this with more frequency. But for now, tata!


  1. I'm sure you can do it given that you put your full concentration during your studies, no facebook, no blogging etc.

    All the best ya!

  2. heehee... blogging for me is an avenue to release stress tho XD
    thanks xiautung! <3