Friday, April 15, 2011

Today has all been about vehicles

In the morning, my brother drove mum, sisters and I to buy breakfast for like the first time. He just got his P license yesterday.

I can't believe he passed considering how his driving skills still like... needs A LOT of improving. In other words, its lousy. LOL.

You know what, my other younger brother has a P for his motor while this brother has a P for his driving. I don't even have a single F***ING P! And I'm the eldest!

I only have two Ls which seems so... fragile now.

Gawd, I'm so jealous... Anyway, after breakfast, my mum brought me to Rakan Muda to practice my driving. That session was way better that the last session with my mum.

Guess what happened in the last session? I was driving the whole time with the handbrakes ON (no wonder the car kept jerking).

And the lamest thing was, my mum didn't even realize it...

And I think I spoilt the car battery that day...

Anyway, this session was fun. The weather was cool and I was in a good mood. I love driving. So much... *sentimental*

I got back home and went out again to the mechanic to change the shock absorber for the motorcylce. I spent a whole hour waiting for them to change it. Nobody told me it was gonna take that long!

Then after that, I went to the motorcycle training circuit to practice the STUPID BEAM.

You know, the one where you're supposed to stay at least 7 seconds on? I don't know why, but I should never talk about what to expect or what to fear when taking exams. Because I have an ingrain fear of the beam. Like I get super duper nervous on the beam.

I keep falling down or even if I manage stay up, its either less than 7 seconds or I get REALLY wobbly up there. That's cuz some of my closest friends failed because of the beam and my FIRST EVER time on the beam, I fell.

But I really, really (x100) want to get a P. I don't care whether its for car of motor, I just want to get that damn P already. And I don't want to fail and re-take again because I like my money, k?

So I practiced riding over the beam for like an hour under the hot afternoon sun. I think I just got 2 tones darker (not that I'm already dark to start with). I stopped because I started getting a throbbing headache.

Anyway, after that session, I can now stay on the beam long enough. It's just that it still gets a little wobbly.

And the beam in Kampar is wider than the beam in Ipoh. So if it's wobbly here, then it means FAIL in Ipoh cuz if I wobble there, I'll just fall off. But at least there's some improvement. I want to get rid of that fear in my mind.

Later in the evening I'm gonna book my P motor test for the week after next. Then tomorrow I'm going with my mum again to practice that beam again.

Right now, I'm gonna take my time on the computer, go bathe and then chill~

Oh... yeah.....

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