Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shoud I or should I not work?

I applied for a job at Danish House yesterday. They haven't called yet so I'm not confirming anything.

It gets boring studying alone at home like... everyday. And JB's in KL now enjoying his hard earned cash while I'm here trying to use as little money as possible (plan not going well so far).

So I thought maybe it's a good idea to get a part time job (albeit sitting for my exams this November) and earn some extra money I can freely, with no guilt, spend on anything I want. Mostly unnecessary items.

Work for 3 months or so, then quit. And the last 3 months before my exams, go all out. Good plan?

I mean, I don't expect to be going all out these 7 months. I'm human. A lazy one.

So the job I applied demands a total 9 hours of my time on the weekdays and then 4.5 hours on Saturday.

OK, let's do some planning:

7.00 am : Morning revision
8.00 am : Get ready for work
8.30 am : Go to work
5.30 pm : Come back home and shower up
6.15 pm : 30 minute nap
7.00 pm : 20 minute jog
7.30 pm : Dinner/TV
8.30 pm : Night revision
11.00 pm: Sleep

Shit... that schedule looks like it came out from a concentration camp.

Maybe I skip my exercise time and sleep an hour straight.

Oh, I just realized that I'll only be able to go on dates with him like... once a week.

You know what? Maybe I just abandon the idea of working and just concentrate on studying.

You know what? I have no idea.

You know what? I'm gonna sleep.


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