Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random pictures

Camwhored last night:

With the red top my aunt gave me. I haven't had the chance to wear it out yet. So might as well camwhore with it first.

With the black tube dress I bought from Sungei Wang. It's super sexy. I forgot the price but it's really cheap!

Excuse the mess at the back.

My boobs look so flattened here! LOL!

There was one day where I baked a cake. So I cracked 2 eggs. The first one was normal but the other had twins in it!

Strange eh. Strange but cute =) Maybe I'll have twins in the future! OOooh.

Oh, and I remembered one time (maybe a month or so ago), I ate twin bananas joined together.

More random pics:


  1. O_O flatten boobs? Ey, put some pads or tissue!
    HEHEHEHE, just kidding :P

  2. That's what I call street smart. LOL. Should have thought of it earlier =P