Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Current newsfeed.

I've just completed the first weekend of the on-going SEA Games 2011 Chess Selection held recently at DATCC and Restoran Warisan. The second and final weekend is held in May.

Suprise, surprise. Camilia and I are the joint leaders for the girls's category so far. LOL.

Considering the fact that I did not practice AT ALL. The only thing I did was play lots of mind games not related to chess. Like Dropwords and MouseTraps. HAHAHAHA!Seriously. So my brain has been getting good workouts. HAHAHAHA!

Why do I find that so funny?

Anyway, the way I play my chess openings SUCKS.. Yea, it does. I don't prepare my openings. I rely on my own skills and worst is, my opponents are usually prepared against me in the openings.

And I'll be like, oh shit, what formation am I supposed to be heading for again?

I went through my game with Li Ting (kecil kecil cili padi) and I am horrified by the way I played the opening. Totally mortified. I beat her in the middlegame with an attack I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out. But my opening was like... shit.

So if I want to emerge tops in this selection, I need to crack open some books.

I think a few lines and sturdy ideas up my sleeve and playing through a few master games with good annotations to refresh my memory should suffice. At least I did something right?

I mean if I can survive a super lousy opening and turn the tables around in the middlegame or endgame, I'll do even better if I fixed my openings and come out at least equal in the middlegame.

Anyway, the highlight of the last day of the tournament for that week was my second brother's amazing win against Malaysia's number 2 player, Mok Tze Meng.

So proud. I hope he'll keep it up next weekend. Shhh..! Don't tell him that. I mean, I'm not the type to give compliments to my brothers.

A pic from the tournament:

So anyway, today morning I was with JB. And I was in a terribly horrific mood. I pity him.

I still am now. Although not that horrifying anymore. But I was poised to rip out my brother's liver when I saw him on my bed playing with MY handphone games. So still pretty horrifying.

Oh gawd... I can't wait till this whole episode is over. Family would be glad too.

Sigh... I hope everything turns out well. PLEASE GOD PLEASE!!!

As the saying goes "This too shall pass..."


  1. Play mousehunt also.. Since u play Mouse Traps.. haha.. anyway, hope u remain as champ in the second half..

    And ur brother is definitely amazing.. Partly due to Mok's error by playing Nxd4. I still can't believe an IM make that horrible blunder.. -.-

    Btw, I tot opening is fixed? (as in the earlier lines)

  2. Thanks. I hope my brother keeps up his good work =)

    What i meant by fix my openings is that I have to review my openings.