Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A cotton on me eye.

My eye hurts like hell. I have to stop rubbing it or risk going blind one day...

I went for my penilaian motor today. Aah, it wasn't that bad. The bridge wasn't that narrow. I thought it would be like half the width of the Kampar bridge.

My brother were like "The brigde there is narrow. It's more difficult."

And that would be going thhrough my mind like this.

"The brigde is like the width of the gymnastic beam. And it's higher. And I'm not even steady on the Kampar bridge. It's going to be so difficult. If you wobble, you'll definitely fall. And if you fail, that's another hundered bucks again???"

Yeah, that's negative thinking to the max.

And when I went there, as I approaced the brigde, I nearly died of relief. It wasn't that narrow at all! In fact, its the same width as the Kampar bridge!


Maybe the height and the two strips of yellow line at the side makes it look narrow. But still, I am relieved. Now I can sleep in peace =)

Anyway, I'm worried like hell about other matters... AAAAHHHH!!! I just want to get this torturous period over and done with! Nuff' said.

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