Saturday, April 30, 2011

At the dining table

Had McD take-away for lunch with JB.

He's on the sofa sleeping while I'm raping his sister's laptop.

It looks like its gonna rain outside.

Lately, I've been having disgustingly horrible mood swings.

And JB, well... he's always the one who has to take the full blast of my tantrums. It's usually mum and him that have to tolerate my raging hormones.

Although I put the blame on him (Akon. Just had to say that), he always tries his best to comfort me. *sobs*

Like in the morning, he went into Just to Eat bakery to check out the prices. SO I followed suit. Then he went out of the shop. Without calling me.

And I totally freaked out. Like a woman gone mad.

Okay, I'm just exaggerating. But the way things went after that was like world war II all over again.

You know how when you think negatively about one thing, it tends to lead to another negative thought? And yet another thought?

So I poured out whatever goddamn problem that has been bugging me since the past week.

I guess in way, I'm glad that happened.

But I promise after this period, I swear to god that I won't repeat the same mistake EVER again.

And I promise to have much less outbreaks.

The world will be a better place without me and my outbreaks :)

Now to disturb him.

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