Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hollywood's latest Golden Couple, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez made their first red carpet appearance together at the star studded Vanity Fair bash last month!

Omigosh, they look absolutely perfect together! *drools* Soooo sweet!


Back to my life.

I am officially a private STPM candidate.

Bought my pin number yesterday and submitted my particulars online and I'm done. So no backing out now since I paid like RM200.

Fyi, to whoever's interested to register as a private candidate, closing date's end of this month.

I feel so in control of my life this year now. I mean, I don't need to go to school or university or work. I can literally do WHATEVER I want to do!

So I decided to improve myself this year academically, physically and mentally. STPM's in November, so I have an average of 8 months to have another go at it again.


Today has been slowww...I feel so goddamn useless right now. Like I'm supposed to be doing something productive like going over some chess openings or studying chemistry.

But I'm sitting here and blogging. Bah!

But not all is lost. I decided to go on this 24-hour water and fruit juice fast. Started from 8pm yesterday to 8pm today. I'm on this fast...cuz I want to. Got a problem with that?

LOL. No lah, this ain't some fad diet. Fact is, fasting just once a week is super beneficial. Cleanses your body and promotes a clearer mind. Serious.

So I've made up my mind to fast every WEDNESDAY of the week since I'm at home pretty much most of the time.

But...but...I gulped down a big bowl of tau fu fah just now. So is my fast like ruined or something? Aiyah...what the heck. It's not like it was a bowl of fries.

Anyway, I'm breaking my fast at 8pm by going to the Wednesday pasar malam with JB tonight! Wee!

It's been a long time since I went to the pasar malam. Genting tarak pasar malam. And it just rained a while ago so the weather's gonna be really nice later at night.

And now to soothe my guilty heart, I'm going to sign off now and go back to my books.


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