Friday, March 11, 2011

Life's good

Just came back from a dinner date with JB. I had McD for dinner. Ordered my usual filet-o-fish.

Why am I always ordering filet-o-fish? To tell the truth, I've never tried other McD burgers before except for this fish burger.

What a loser.

But filet-o-fish just taste soo good and I'm not really a fan of chicken burgers. Cuz it's like really heaty, greasy and fried and all.

I'm bloody trying to trim down my waistline, dude.

Another random update:

I just spoke to JB's mom for the first time tonight. LOL! She's a really nice lady *smiles*

Okaayyyy, I feel like I'm on a heavy, heavy dose of anesthetic right now. I can't keep my eyes open.

It's drizzling outside, the weather's super cool and my bed looks very inviting.

And I like my boyfriend. Me likey likey likeysss. OK... I... need... to... sleep...

Life's good...and I'm gonna sleep sooo well, your baby would be sooo jealous.

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