Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life as a small town girl

Today has been pleasant so far.

I spent the whole morning with JB, cuddling and laughing and ya know, just enjoying our time together. He taught me this chinese online game. I learnt it (despite not knowing any chinese character) and now I'm in charge of upgrading his items when he's busy with work. Boys and computer games are inseparable.

I'm enjoying this relationship. He'll be leaving for university sometime in September this year. He doesn't know which uni he'll be attending yet, but it's likely that we'll both be enjoying the dreaded LDR.

I'm curious to know how this will affect out relationship. But I guess whatever will be, will be. Unlike some couples, we're not bonded to each other in any way unless we're, like, married. Which I don't even want to think of. Eew..

Anyway, I'm totally happy with him right now. Heehee..

So, to me life's update: I finished 3rd (!) in the recently concluded National Closed held a week ago in KL. To say the least, I'm very satisfied with 3rd placing. I haven't played a game of chess since September last year but at least I haven't lost my mojo!

Oh, and I met Siewting and her "unofficial boyfriend" there too! Went out after the last game for a drink and had a smashing good time! I miss that girl. I really enjoyed my time in KL. Everyday after the game, family and I would go hunting for good food around KL.

One thing I'm gonna miss is the famous Rotiboy bun from KLCC. The crispy, golden brown outer layer with tender soft insides filled with a buttery aroma. Fresh from the oven with that distinctive coffee smell... aaahh... Nothing beats Rotiboy on an empty stomach. Yummy!

I've only been buying their signature Rotiboy bun. Next time, I wanna get my hands on the other pastries sold at Rotiboy. They sure look deliciously yummy...

I know I have a massive sweet tooth. Plus, we stayed at my auntie's place. And her house is beautiful!

What's more, I had a whole room to myself, air-conditioned and all. As comfy as a hotel suite.

I wanna go on a short holiday in KL with JB! Splurge a bit on a good hotel, eat at KL's numerous night stalls until the wee hours of the morning, shop the whole day through. Cinema, bowling, enjoying the city's lights. But he's working now, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Right now, I'm gonna go read about Maplestory. And then make myself a maple addict. I heard it's a fun game, not to mention f#*@ ing popular.

Since I have internet at home, instead of aimlessly surfing the net, might as well do something that's gonna eat out a large chunk of my time. I haven't been addicted to anything lately. And that's when I get bored. And when I'm bored, I eat. I guess subconsciously, this is another one of my crazy diet ideas. Haha.

MapleStory, here I come!

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