Friday, March 4, 2011

Goodbye Genting!

Home sweet home after nearly 3 months in Genting. It's been a while hasn't it?

I'm not on my 4-day break. I'm actually home permanently!

Yes siree, I've resigned from my job as a Guest Services Assistant (GSA) 2 days ago and I'm back in my warm, sunny hometown. A stark difference from the cold and sometimes gloomy atmospere in Genting.

I resigned because I thought of furthering my studies. But I'm not sure now. That's because I'm still undecided. It's sooo irritating. Very, very irritating to choose what to study. My shoulders are so stiff, you'd think my shoulders are made of wood.

I love writing, talking and designing. But I was brought up to think that science is cutting edge technology and if I don't take up something like nuclear physics, I'd be losing out on a lot and I'd be banned from the human race, forced to live as a primitive forever.

What's more, I'm a science student for like 12 years.

But my STPM results suck so I don't think I can qualify for those high end science courses. In a way, maybe it's god's way of narrowing down my choices. I dunno.

Dad suggested I re-took STPM and this time really study well. So that's my dilemma.

Anyway, enough of that or else my wooden shoulder muscles will turn to adamantium (the hardest metal known, Stan Lee).

Now for a trip down Memory Lane in Genting...
  • I'm damn lucky. Just to get this GSA job is something I'm so thankful for. It's the highest paying job for a school leaver. Plus you get free accomodation and really nice uniforms. And the staff quarters are only walking distance to and fro work. The staff food courts cook really good food with cheap prices.
    This is me in the toilet, the only picture showing a part of my room.
  • I also feel farking lucky to be transferred to 2 different departments: membership datebase admin and marketing services admin. Originally, I was in membership services. So all in all, I experienced working in 3 different departments in 2 months which basically allowed me to experience working in a customer service environment, a back office deskbound job and the dreaded telemarketing. Not bad for a newbie. To top that off, I was the only GSA chosen from membership services to work in recruitment during the CNY season for a whole 2 weeks. I've made so many new friends there.

  • This is Yih Foong. I'm gonna miss this boy a lot. He's so darn fun and refreshing to talk to. And so funny too!

    Here's more pictures of my recruitment buddies:

  • One place I'll miss is the library. I always spend time there during my laundry sessions or just to release stress. The silence and those big red sofas with a good read at hand always keeps me cooped up there for a long time. Library trips are especially useful because I can have some alone time after a hectic day at work. After work, I have always have loads of fun. I can't remember a day in Genting in which I was totally bored after work. Almost always I'd have something to do. And when I do sleep, that's when I'm really tired and not because I have nothing else to do.
  • Starbucks: my favorite hangout place. Before coming to Genting, Starbucks was somewhere I'd go to once in a bluemoon. But in Genting, I'was hanging out at Starbucks at least once a week. Now I'm a Starbucks fan. I like the F&B there and also the atmosphere. The comfy armchairs and a good heart-to-heart talk with a girlfriend are priceless!

This isn't exactly at Starbucks. It's at Coffee Bean actually. I had a really good heart to heart talk with my bestest girlfriend there.

  • Friends! I've made so many amazing friends up there. People have been so friendly to me and it really makes me feel at home. Special mention to Shereen who's been such an understanding friend!

She gave me a Body Shop perfume as a farewell gift. So sweet...!
I'd like to list down every single person who's helped me and made my time in Genting so memorable, but if I do that, it'll take an entire day. So y'all know who you are *wink*wink*
Friends come and go, and I'm okay with that, but I'm still gonna miss them.
  • I celebrated Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's all in Genting with friends! This only happens once in a life time, and although I did not get to catch any firework displays (thanks to the weather and my shifts), it's still memorable. One thing I'm quite happy about is that I celebrated V-day with JB! It's the first time I actually have a boyfriend on V-day. With previous boyfriends, we always got together after V-day and broke up before the year ended (my bad). So no V-days with them. LOL.

  • I've had an absolutely lovely time with JB up on the hill. I'll miss those cold, chilly night walks outside and simple meals together at the canteen. We've gotten so much more closer and stronger. I can't wait till he comes back to Kampar in a few days time. Yeah, he handed in his resignation right after he escorted me to the Skyway station on my last day. Hehe..

  • Movie sessions with pals have always been a blast. I watched every single movie there was screening up in Genting. Gulliver's travel, The Sanctum, What Women Want, I Love HongKong, I am Number Four and...I can't remember.

  • Late night supper sessions down in the canteen with friends has always been something I look forward to. Ever since JB introduced to me the "maggi mee" time which starts from 11pm onwards, I've been addicted to the canteen's maggi mee menu. Who knew maggi mee could be so good?
  • Expensive dining. Yes, I had my dose of expensive dining up here too. Coffee Terrace, Vietnam House and Hou Mei serve good food in a really nice ambience with very "nice" price tags. But aaahhh...a taste of how the rich live and eat is worth it.
Me at Vietnam House.

And that, my dears, is the end of another chapter of my life.

Update: I've been receiving a lot of comments asking more about working in Genting. So I've written another post trying my best to answer all your questions posed. Click HERE.


  1. wow, i would like to hav tht experience too!

  2. i always think of working in genting.. it's cool up there.. haha :)

  3. hey there, I saw your blog. Interesting
    I am supposed to attend an interview in Genting Highlands but I changed my mind.

    How's the life there anyway? was it boring or nice??? You seemed to enjoy it. Gosh, I dont know whether I should give it a try. Im applying for Public Relation and Communication anyway

  4. i should say life there is easy. genting provides u with free accomodation and uniform, and other perks. so in a sense, ur taken care of.

    its fun and boring at different intervals.

    if u don't mind spending ur salary every month, then it should be enjoyable. but usually people go up there to save.

    it helps also if u have friends and a partner.

    give it a try. you've got nothing to lose =)

  5. hey...i applied this job recently (gsa).

    may i know how is the interview process ?
    what should i prepare for the interview?
    thanks a lot ya..

  6. hey Venessa, I came by from Lowyat forum and i read about your job dilemma. All i can tell u is that if writing and designing is what u really wanna do, and u have spare time now to think about what kinda studies u'd like to further, why don't spend another 3 months applying for internships in an advertising agency? Aim for the big ones, Saatchi, BBDO, DDB, Euro RSCG, McCann. Don't worry about your background, if u can ace a convincing interview with the ECD, they'll probably take u on. Coming from the industry, they've had lawyers, engineers and such ended up as creative directors and copywriters.

  7. akii: the interview is pretty straightforward. basically, they'll be asking very simple questions to gauge your speaking ability. It helps if you can speak well in both chinese and english. what im saying is you don't need to know the history of lim goh tong. hope this helps =)

    euthanasia: interesting. are these internships always available? how should i proceed to apply for them? thanks for your valuable suggestion =)

  8. Hey, thanks for sharing your experienced... I'm decided to work at Genting as GSA... Will interview at Genting this Saturday... Probably,
    1) What kinds of question their will ask us during the interview???
    2) Is that we need for the 1st & 2nd interview???
    3) How was the salary paid per month???
    4) I'm already graduated in my diploma but my diploma certificate is being process... My college will make the offer letter for my interview... Is that Genting will accept my interview without certificate but with the offer letter???
    5)If i'm been hired, should i wear a formal attire for the reporting day??? (for Male)

    Sorry for such a lot of question... Thanks again for your experienced... Hope can get your reply as fast as possible...^-^ All the best for your future and study!!!

  9. hi im going to genting interview as GSA next week so would like to ask u someting if u don mind ^^
    Do i nid to wear formal attire to interview? n isit vy hard to get tis job? thx

  10. name is theresa, i need to know something badly enough....during the check-in..(i've been selected as a GSA)what kind of attire should i wear...jeans, t-shirt and shoes or formal? with high heels?? please reply me asap..i need to know, because i'm going to check-in very soon...thanks...

  11. check-in i would take to understand as registering yourself in genting yes? You can just wear casual. no need heels :)

  12. thank you so much for the reply...(theresa)