Monday, March 7, 2011

My decision after STPM to re-sit STPM.


My results suck and I don't want to settle for just any course. I want to take a course I like AND be on a scholarship too.

I'm 19 and I don't want to be sucking out the family's a..a...blood sucker.

And don't try changing my mind because I spent ONE whole month cracking open my brains and exhausting my tear glands deciding on what I wanted to do after STPM with my lousy results.

I'm so glad me family supports me. I mean how often do parents nowadays actually suggest their kid to re-sit STPM?

And registering for STPM as a private candidate now is easy peasy. Cuz everything is online now! All I have to do is buy a pin number from BSN, pay my exam fees there (the amount paid depends on how many subjects are taken) and just register online!


No need to go all the way to JPN to get the form, and back to the school to get the sign and back to JPN to get approval....and back....again.


Went to Tesco yesterday for the first time after resigning from my Genting job.

I bought 2 of those huge, rock-hard paper holders. Not the flimsy type. I dunno what they're called.

I reckon I'd be using a lot of those kinda folders since I'm planning on studying the organised way and not the hap-hazard-with-papers-all-over-my-desk-and-bed way.

And guess who I bumped into at Tesco?

Pheik Sheen!

She was busy working at Biolife. Or was it called Cosway? I dunno. All I know is that the logo of the shop is something like a rainbow.

She looked so different. She had really straight bangs and long, glossy hair. And she looked fairer too. Without specs, she looked quite pretty.

Not fair! I want a makeover too! Boohoo! But I'm gonna to wait another 4 months for my hair to grow to my desired length before I do anything major to it.

And for my weight. Sigh...Workout lo. Eat less lo.

Gawd...I'm so tired of thinking about my stupid weight which just refuses to drop. I'm 52 kg and I hate the number 5 infront. Doesn't look nice for a girl. I want to drop to 48kg!!! Grr.

Thanks, Miss Ginormous Appetite.

I tell ya...I'm not going to go on a diet anymore. Doesn't work la wei. I'll just....not think about it. Concentrate on stuff that are important like.......STPM AND CHESS!!

Anyway, I have something to look forward to. JB's coming back either today or tomorrow! Me loves <3


  1. Hi. Can you tell me more abt resitting for STPM?
    My results are bad and I don't know what to do now!

  2. Go to the government website. It's all online. Then you have to pay for your fees at BN to register to confirm your place. But becareful, it's tough to re-sit on your own.

    For me, I paid the fees then later decided not to re-sit as I didn't have any motivation.

    Anyway, I've decided on ACCA now. Good luck!