Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working drama.

Okay. So many freaking things happened after my first bout of off days.

Today, I successfully wentto the gym here for the first time for a solid 1 hour! I've been wanting to use the gym ever since...uh...I found out there was a gym here. Problem is, I couldn't find friends to go with me, either because of different working shifts or them just being not interested.

But yesterday, I broke down at work. My assistant manager, SW, who's been scolding and interrogating me ever since i first met her, pulled me aside and gave me another long lecture on my terrible grooming, my poor product knowledge, my "disrespect" for other managers because I didn't greet them when they passed me and a million other things.

Okay, about my "terrible grooming". Usually, it's my HAIR that's the problem. I have frizzy hair. But do you think that I WANT frizzy hair? Do you think that I don't spend a freaking amount of time fussing about my hair? My hair is freaking damaged because when I was young, I didn't really take care of it okay. I've started buying hair products but it's not going to be super glossy overnight. OMG.

Next, about my "poor knowledge". You know what? When you work in Genting, it's a MUST to know chinese. And that is what I'm seriously lacking. I'm not saying I'm a COMPLETE noob when it comes to chinese. I'm just saying that I still have a lot to learn. And everything is in chinese here. So I feel pretty lost. Therefore, I am labelled BLUR. I try to go with the flow. I don't make a big fuss because I try to remain as positive as possible. But sometimes, it just gets so over-whelming you know.

Still, I must admit that I need to buck up on my product knowledge. I'm gonna write down every freaking thing in the briefing file and memorise it.

And my disrespect for some manager dude or something. Okay, first of all, I had no fucking IDEA about what she was talking about. I can't recall passing by that dude. And whoever that dude was, maybe I did smile at you, but maybe you just didn't see? When I pass by them, I make it a point to smile at them. But sometimes they're not even looking at me! What the fuck. You want me to say "YO! MR PRESIDENT! GOOD MORNING!" and show them my big wide smile is it?

So she was going on and on and on and I just couldn't take it anymore. So I told her off and stated my intention of resigning there and then. Yeah, maybe I was being over emotional, but after weeks of accumulated pressure and not having anybody understand my position, something like this is bound to happen.

Anyway, Estee and other seniors soothed and talked to me NICELY (not like SW). I was seriously thinking of resigning. But after getting a grip of myself, I thought to myself why resign because of some woman??

And I haven't even maxed out my salary! And there's still february with CNY and all which means more salary.

And I haven't even went to Safari or swimming or bowling or the gym!

So today, I made it a point to start using the facilities here so in case I do resign, at least it won't be such a waste. Therefore, I went to the gym today myself. And it felt pretty good! Not that intimidating once you get used to the equipment and the atmosphere.

Next on my list is to go swimming. But this I definitely have to go with a friend because I don't know where the pool is. LOL. Last night Sweetrie asked me to go swimming before 3pm today, but because I was so emotionally drained, I slept like a baby until 4pm.

Hope to go for a swim tomorrow though.

Anyway, my one hour's nearly up and I need to pee.

Work starts at 11pm today. I hope work tonight will be better than yesterday.


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