Friday, January 28, 2011

My new desire: HTC Desire Z

Just got back from 1U. Did what I went there for and then spent the rest of my free time wandering around. I had to fight the urge to buy stuff because I'm saving up for a new handphone.

I've finally set my sights upon the htc desire z! Before this, I had a hard time deciding what type of handphone to choose from.

Touchscreen phones look...nifty and real glossy. And I guess they're perfect for online surfing. But knowing me, I'm clumsy and sometimes I need to do some serious sms-ing. I prefer using the keypad over touchscreens when messaging.

So I started looking for handphones with both touchscreen and keypad functions. And I found the htc desire z.

It's a high-end phone priced around RM2000. I guess that's what you have to pay if you want a good quality phone with fun features.

With my salary and some winnings from other sources, I hope to get it by the end of february.

Enough with the handphone.

I'm working from 11pm to 7am today. Tomorrow I'll be working at 3pm but I have a lunch date at 12pm. That means I'll only be getting around 4 hours of sleep in the morning tomorrow. Aiya, boleh lah.

But I want to get some serious eye cream or eye wash or whatever to relieve my tired eyes. Do you know I'm wearing contact lens for like 12 hours everyday? Poor eyes!

Now for some good news. I'm getting my FIRST REAL salary on the 30th! 2 more days to go! Gonna set aside RM1000 for me handphone. LOL. SO pathetic la I.

Anyway, I need to pee. So I shall be signing off. See ya'all in a few days time!

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