Friday, January 14, 2011

Me last day in Kampar for the month

I'm going back up Genting tomorrow! But before that, I'm planning to go for one last shopping spree with yeeyee in KL first. Yay! I wanna get me self a pair of swimming goggles.

I'm starting work again on the 15th from 1pm-9pm. So I decided to go back up a day earlier because I've neglected a shit load of laundry (uniforms still not washed). And I haven't gone for my medical check up yet! Gasp!

Original plan was to go back Sunday morning. But no way am I gonna finish my laundry on time.

I haven't met JB for a week now. I miss him lah. At least now that I'm going back a day earlier, I'll be able to settle me stuff sooner. Then on Sunday morning I'll be free to have breakfast with JB! *loves*

Unless of course if he's not dead beat tired. It's a pity that his shifts are mainly night shifts while mine are day shifts. Still, I'm glad that he's up here working at the same place as me..


My short-term goals for the next 1 month up in Genting are:
  1. Improve my chinese, be it Cantonese or Mandarin.
  2. Go Safari! Woot~
  3. Go gym. Gotta find a way to drag girlfriends too...
  4. Go swimming~yay!
  5. Spend as wisely as possible especially on food. 1 meal per day since another meal is provided free.
  6. Lose weight! Lol.
  7. Think positively and be less self-conscious.
Anyway, starting Sunday, I'll be transferred to a new department. This should be interesting.

I hope to be gettting a laptop soon! Pay's good here and with careful spending, it won't be long before i get my hand on one of those babies in Low Yat.

Life's good. Here's to another fab 1 month!

Signing out~

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