Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back home (& about life in Genting)...

Today's the 4th day of my holidays for the month. Feels sooo damn good to be back home people!

The first 2 days were spent shopping at Bukit Bintang. I am officially in LOVE with Sungei Wang!!! Woohoo! There's like a ginormous variety of stuff there at seriously affordable prices! On the first day, I spent 3 hours+ shopping. If not for the 4pm curfew (after this time, traffic gets pretty congested), I'd be shopping for another 2 or 3 hours. The next day, I spent 2 hours. Still not enough time. Next time I come down, I am so going to leave for BB at 10 am.

Anyway, I bought a really wintery kinda a jacket for only RM29!! That's a steal! In Kampar boutiques, jackets like the one I bought cost around RM60.

I also purchased a sexy, black tube dress at RM35. Pair it up with tights and it'll be perfect for clubbing.

And I finally bought a swimsuit! RM90. Okay price for a swimsuit lah. The last time I went swimming was many years back when I was living in a condo with a pool. One good thing about the staff quarters in Genting is that they have a staff pool. Yay!

Wish I could take pictures but me no camera. Secretly hoping to win a camera!

Speaking of staff quarters and Genting, I realized I haven't yet said anything about me life up on the hill.

I've been working for 2 weeks and work has been challenging. Mostly because of the language barrier. Yep, me chinese sucks. What to do? Slowly learn lah. I'm gonna think positive and take these 4 months or so as a chinese language crash course. Since I'm in a customer-orientated job and since most of the customers are those chinese aunty uncles, chinese is very important here loh.

But good to know that after 2 weeks, I see improvement not only in my chinese but also in my typing skills! lol!

Oh, before I forget, I'm the only one out of my batch of newcomers transferred from membership services to marketing services admin. I'm starting work at my new place on the 16th, that means right after my holidays. I don't know what to expect there yet. So no comments.

Okay enough with work. On to my living quarters. Staffs are stationed in hostels. I'm in a room with 2 other girls. Both of them my schoolmates =) My room actually has a very nice view. From the window, you can look down and see rolling green (duh) forests and hills. Sorry, but I'm not very good in describing scenes. In the morning, it's really misty and when you open the window it get's bloody cold. And because the room is facing nature, I can say that this room is one of the coldest room out of the others.

One thing about cold weathers is that once you're in the shower, you may never want to step out of the bathroom again.

Also, the floor is freezing cold so I'm thinking of getting bunny slippers but I haven't found one I really like yet.

When I first went up Genting, my luggage was mostly loaded with cosmetics and clothes. Basically, I travelled really light. I wanted to get a feel for the place first before bringing other stuff up.

Throughout the 2 weeks up in Genting, I found out that after work (if I'm on a day-shift) I'm usually free at night. And since the swimming pool ain't open at night, the only thing a girl on a budget can do is either hang out with friends over dinner for hours or surf the net at the many hotspots around Genting. My favourite hang out place is Starbucks!

So now, I'm gonna save up for a netbook or laptop. I hope to be able to buy one next month.

And in contrast to popular belief, you can't really shop till you drop at Genting if you're a staff. That's because if you're a staff, you're most likely to be on a budget. And lemme tell you, the prices in Genting are exorbitant. Even normal kitchenware in the staff minimarket are not cheap.

That's why yesterday I was on a Kampar shopping spree with mom. Gotta take advantage of prices here before going up the hill again. Right now, I've gotten a better view of what to bring up and what not. So I've stocked up on utensils, more clothes, laundry bags and footwear.

The only cheap thing in Genting is the food in the canteen. I'd much rather call it the staff cafeteria. The food is quite nice and pretty varied. There are 2 staff cafeterias near my hostel. Both of them are not bad at all.

During the first 2 weeks, I A LOT. I was having a Starbucks coffee like once every 2 days. And I had a few expensive dinners outside. And I was continuosly snacking since my roommate, Wahwah, has got a compartment full of snacks.

As a result of too much snacking and eating heavy meals and not exercising, I haven't lost any weight! I didn't bring my sports shoes during those 2 weeks so no gym. Also, I couldn't swim cuz I didn't yet buy my swimming suit.

So for the next trip up, I am gonna be so ARMED! I'm gonna strap myself up to a budget and stick with it!

Genting seems to be playing a huge part of my life right now. So my 2011 New Year resolution will most likely evolve around my Genting life.

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