Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recap: Form 6 one and all

Form 6 is now just a memory. These 2 years have been all in all, a memorable one for everyone.

Friendships were made, some were broken. For me in particular, I've forged new friendships with people I can now call my best buds. Aquaintances I barely knew and old friendships have been rekindled. Those friendships that have been broken, I hope that someday, they'd be mended back again.

I'm going to miss all my friends.

Dedication to peeps who made my life in form 6 less dull:

Loges, Meitheng, Clarisse, Pushpa, Pohlee, Remy, Mok, Harsherin.
I call them the bio gang because most of them are from bio except me and Loges. They are a crazy fun bunch of people! Without them, 6th form would be boring.
A small bunch of people yet so much...drama. If you get what I mean. *wink wink*

I'm not in the picture since I'm the photographer. Not bad right I take?

Since Harsherin isn't in the above picture, I'll use this photo instead:

Another of my close friend, Angel, has been an amazing friend to me during these 2 years. We shared so many secrets together. We discovered boys, fashion and make-up together.

Now she's going to be working in a posh jewellery shop in KL. I'll miss those loooong walks from old town all the way to new town under the hot sun. When we started hanging out, we were just 2 pitiful girls with huge fat ass dreams. Now, we've come a long way from where we first started and our dreams have become from impossible to possible.

To my darling ex-KACSIANS: Sen Ee, Pick Yin and Hor Yan. I always have so much fun gossiping with you girls. HAHA.

To Nanthini, I know what somethings are better left unsaid, but I hope that things will work out between you and everybody else. But know that you're always my friend.
And can you believe it that I've reunited with so many of my national service friends right here in form 6?

Jeng Haur (I only got to know we were in the same camp after I entered form 6), Jia Mei, Ah Kheong, Yang Yie (he attended for half a year) and Sen Ee.

So many right? Crazy or what?

And of course I didn't forget my genius classmates. I'm going to write a post specially about them soon but not here. It's going to be a long one!
If I were to list everyone out here, I'd take all day. You all know who you are.

Besides friendship, romance was in the air too. Some relationships that were believed to last a long time were broken. While unlikely match-ups became realities.

Some relationships were started in 6th form and ended then too... O.O

Sigh...So many of my friends have found new loves throughout 6th form. We're all growing up. *sniff*

I've compiled a list of photos of couples. Just because I like to see happy couples of people I know. Makes me feel like life is a romantic fairytale.

The "Famous" couple:

This one a lot of drama lah, but I'm happy that at the end of the day, the boy got the girl. Heehee...

The "Newly-weds" couple:

So sweet kan?

The " sweet" couple:

I know Nick is not in 6th form, but Abbie and Nick have been together for a long time. They look so cute together, I just had to include them.

Harsherin also pergi couple dah this year. But I don't have her dude's picture.

Meitheng + Mr *ahem* = love perhaps? LOL.

To thenga: Please don't kill me. Mr *ahem* could mean anybody yeah? I'm not aiming at anybody specific. LOL. (I'm a very bad liar)

Don't you just like seeing happy couples especially if they're your friends? I do.

So many couples among a small group of people in form 6 alone lah. Can set record like this la.

So, Form 6 = Happy Ending for everyone!

p.s. I wanted to write about my classmates later in the day, but I'm too exhausted right now. So I'll write it tomorrow lah.

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