Sunday, December 19, 2010

The past 2 days

These past 2 days haven been HECTIC! Just got back from Ipoh a few hours ago and am exhausted. My eyes are really heavy.

I've just finished my first DoTA lesson with Jb and to say the least, I am thoroughly CONFUSED. Ok, not really. But the amount of information he gave me was just freaking overwhelming. He feeds them to me like I'm a computer. But DoTA is quite fun. Once I get the hang of it, I think I'm gonna be addicted to the game. Oh shit.

So anyway, after an hour of destroying towers, collecting money, buying items and chasing his hero around the forest, I decided to call it a day.

Today (it's 2 am on a Sunday morning) wait yesterday(Saturday), JB and I watched Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale and Harry Potter 7: Part 1 in Jaya Jusco, Ipoh.

was surprisingly good. It was funny and the storyline was enjoyable. I liked it. The characters are cute and the ending was so sweet! I just love happy endings. Aww...Initially, Jb told me he's gonna fall asleep during the movie since it's a "Disney Princess" movie. But he enjoyed it too.

Fact: 19 year old boy who thinks he's cool likes watching Rapunzel. LOL.

Harry Potter on the other hand was...long. Kinda draggy but it was okay compared to previous movies. Not as good as Rapunzel though. The most interesting part of the movie was when Nagini, Voldermort's snake, attacked Harry and Hermione at Godric's Hollow. I guess Harry Potter movies can never measure up to Harry Potter books.

Surprisingly, there weren't many people in Jusco, especially since it was a Saturday. There weren't many people in the bus back to Kampar either. So we took advantage of that, if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

On Friday, family accompanied me to temple to get blessings before leaving for Genting. On the way there, the sun was blazing hot, like white hot. And I was wearing jeans. On the way back, it was drizzling. So after 2 hours, I was wet, sticky and sweaty when I got home. But in good spirit.

Then I spent an hour plus galavanting around town in a light drizzle to buy some stuff. I purchased a shirt which took like 40 minutes to decide on. I was on a budget so I had to choose wisely.

Do you know how terribly annoying it is to try on clothes with specs and hair tied in the fitting room ? I went in and out of the fitting room like 4 or 5 times. My hair kept getting messed up and shoving my specs up and down my face wasn't a pleasure either.

Right after that, I had to rush home to get ready for Remy's sister's, Jasmine's, wedding. I'm proud to say that I only took half an hour to get ready, from bathing to doing my hair to making up. Unfortunately, I had to go to the wedding with wet hair tied in a bun. Oh well, no one noticed.

My final look: a Korean doll. I know I'm very syok sendiri. I wished I snapped a few pictures though. But I had to gooo. After coming back, I was so goddamn tired and cold. The night was cold and I was wearing a short dress with no sleeves. So yeah, nada pictures.

Anyway, I hate the fact that it's super troublesome to upload the pictures from the camera into the computer. I have to chuck in the micro SD card from camera to pc. Then wait and the picture file may or may not appear. If it doesn't appear, end of story. The other day, I spent like an hour finding the picture file but to no avail.

If it does appear, that's another 1 hour of editing and uploading the pictures here. I want to get a camera that doesn't need to to deal with all the micro SD card nonsense.

I just want a normal camera with a USB slot and a fast microsoft pictures task manager. Now!


Jasmine's wedding was held at Dai Zhong restaurant. The food was very nice. I had to refrain myself from stuffing my face considering I hardly ate the whole day. I had to act all demure and sweet because I was wearing something sweet. Wedding dinners are a posh occasion. So I had to behave myself lah.

I sat at the same table as Pushpa and Meitheng. Pushpa wore a dress that reminded me of countrysides and flowers. Meitheng's greenish-brownish leather-like shirt was cool. If it was black, I'll look like a rock princess with it on.

Poh Lee on the other hand had to sit with Remy away from us. Well, I guess being the bride's brother's girlfriend does have some perks. You automatically level up and get to sit with all the tai lo's of the family. She wore a prom-like black dress that cost a bomb. Courtesy of her "crazy-over-her" boyfriend. LOL.

The bride looked amazing. I had lots to talk to girlfriends. So all in all, I enjoyed myself.

It was a good 2 days.

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