Sunday, December 12, 2010

My poor bank account

I'm not supposed to be blogging or even be sitting in front of the computer, but I really beh tahan with studying already! It's sucking up all my life energy lah! Really!

Okay lah, don't want to complain about studies anymore lah. aiyo. Let me complain about other things lah.

My bank account is very unstable. I've wasted a lot of money on way too many unnecessary things.

Like for example, I found out that the contact lens I blindly purchased online through my friend which cost RM90 (RM30 per pair) was way too "dramatic" for my liking. I actually wanted a very natural-brown colored contacts with an eye-enlargement effect.

I saw my friend wearing them the other day and it looked nice on her. I guess it's because I'm used to seeing her wear bold-colored contacts while I'm not used to seeing myself wear them. So my fault lah because one man's food maybe another man's poison (forgot the exact words but who cares).

I tried wearing one pair out the other day but I don't know why, my eyes kinda rejected it. They got all teary and stingy when I was putting the contacts on.

When I finally managed to get the contacts on properly, the colors were way I looked like I had a cat's eye. And that was with just one side of the contacts on. So I couldn't be bothered with putting on the other side. Although they were brown (at least they're not blue or something), it was the very light kind of brown. My natural eye color is a much darker shade of brown.

I guess some people might think it looks nice but I'm not used to wearing such "bold" colors, especially since I'm going to be wearing it daily to work. I don't mind wearing the "cat eye" contacts to clubs or parties, but not on a daily basis.

Anyway, the point is, I should have just gotten a pair first and tried it out before splurging on all 3 pairs. I was too naive to believe that all brown colors equates natural-looking eyes. How was I to know that some brown colored contacts could be so bold?

Last time, I purchased a pair of really nice, dark brown-colored contacts which really "opened" up my eyes yet looked natural enough for me at Peking Optical in Kampar. Problem was, they cost RM50 per pair! But there's no denying that those contacts were good and comfy.

I bought those contacts a few months back, so they've expired since. Although those were really pretty, I wanted a cheaper alternative to wear in Genting . I guess I don't have a choice now but to spend RM50 to get a pair of those same contacts again. There's no way I'm going to wear the contacts I bought online to work. At least not yet or until I've mustered up enough courage to wear them to work lah.

Moving on.

Things that I still need to buy:
  1. A pair of brown-colored contacts (already mentioned)
  2. Another pair of heels (the pair I bought wasn't very comfortable)
  3. Jeans and long-Ts

All these could easily come up to another RM200. What's more. I'm already on a tight budget. Sigh. If I spent carefully before this, I could have easily saved up a few hundred bucks.

Truth is, I had quite a lot to start off with, and if I spent wisely and wasn't influenced to buy so many unnecessary things that I was made to believe were necessary, I'll have more than enough money to cover my first month expenses and still be able to have fun with friends before going to Genting.

Actually, I should go to my mum for advice when it comes to things like this. She's experienced and although her taste is more to practicality rather than to looks, it's much better than those I bought.

Right now, I've set aside an amount of money that I estimate will cover 1 and a half months up in Genting comfortably enough until I get my first paycheck. But that's that. I won't be able to spend too much with my friends before going anymore. Sad. I hope to get extra pocket money loh.

Once I've stabilised my bank account, I vow to spend only when necessary and trust my instincts when it comes to personal stuff.

I still want to get a good camera to post pictures on this blog. Before purchasing anything that has got to do with gadgets and computers, I'm going to seek advice from dad first. I don't want to make another poor investment, especially when it comes to something as big as cameras.

Honestly speaking, whether you like it or not, parents are the best people to seek advice from.

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