Thursday, December 16, 2010

My 6-day goals after STPM


Phew, that took a lot of energy.

My life can now officially begin.
I'm gonna start by listing out some small goals I'd like to achieve before taking off to Genting by the 22nd this month which is in 6 days time. I figured if I put my goals out in the open, I'll be more motivated to get them done.

So here's a list of those goals.

1. Get bangs a.k.a. a fringe.

I'm bored with my Azula hairstlye with the long front hair(you know, Zuko's evil sister in the Last Airbender, the cartoon).

If I were to tie my hair up in a pony tail or bun while letting my front hair down, I'll look too casual for work purposes. I'm aiming for a soft, light and textured look as opposed to "blocky" bangs with razor straight edges.

These pictures might give you an idea about the kinda bangs I'm aiming for:

Dunno why, but there's a really big celebrity-bangs craze right now.

The last time I had proper bangs was way back when I was in primary school. So time for a change!

2. Lose weight

As of the 16th of December, I weigh BLANK. Haha. No way am I gonna reveal my weight. Anyway, I don't even know what my weight is now. Gonna weigh myself later in the day.

Whatever my weight right now is, I aim to lose at least 2 pounds or 1 kg in 6 days. No problem la, aiya. I've been eating two main meals a day for the past month, that is lunch and dinner. I'll be keeping up that practice.

Sometimes I have snacks between lunch and dinner, and also after dinner which is usually a glass of milk or some kinda cream soup...or ice-cream *gasp*. I don't eat breakfast. Don't find the need to since I feel more energetic if I don't stuff myself the first thing in the morning.

I need to cut down on the amount of milk I drink though. I love chocolate milk but it's kind of fattening if consumed too much. I can gulp down like 3 glasses in one sitting. But mad meh. I won't do that even though I'm very tempted to.

During the past exam-week, I drank an average of 2 glasses of chocolate+fresh milk a day. I think that amount is adequate if I want to maintain my weight. Problem is during that time, I hardly moved around.

Also, when I was studying, I was constantly thinking about my next meal break. So there were days when I ate more than I needed to. Combined with lack of movement, I was either remaining stagnant or gaining weight.

It seems that most of my friends claim that they gain weight during the exam season, but contrary to what some of my friends do, I wasn't constantly munching on something. Thank god, if not I'd have easily gained 2 to 3 kgs. So it's safe to say that even if I did gain weight, I don't think it was much.

But the point is, I still haven't reached my ideal weight yet. If I want to lose weight, I'm going to have to cut down to a glass of milk a day and move around a lot more often. And I'll have to cut down on after lunch or dinner snacks too. That means I have to keep myself busy enough to take my mind off food.

I don't think that will be a problem after STPM because I'll be busy hanging out with friends, baking cakes with my sister, working out, surfing the net or watching dramas online. I can spend hours on those things and not think about food. Losing weight should be a cinch.

If I get to a weight I'm happy with (not my IDEAL weight, but a figure I'm satisfied with), then I'll post my weight here in the open before leaving for Genting. If I don't achieve what I'm happy with, then don't dream.

3. Jog daily

Yes, everyday! No lah. Joking. Some evenings I won't be free. And I'm not a morning person. So no morning workout sessions.

But for those days where I'm free (and fully-awake) in the evenings, I am so going to work my butt off for at least an hour. Combined with all-out toning and stretching exercises, I am almost guaranteed of going to Genting with aches all over.

I think I'm going to enjoy those evening sessions as I haven't managed to get in a good, all out workout during the last one month. The must-have thing when jogging though is good music and a sane brain.

Sometimes, I have a tendency to slack. So to make sure I get those goals completed, I'm going to make small daily-goal notes and stick them up on my desk where I can see them. For example, my day 1 post-it note may go something like this:

  • complete a one-hour jog this evening

  • no milk for today!
  • etc..

And for every task I complete, I just cross it off my list. It's satisfying to see how many things I've accomplished throughout the day by looking at my post-it notes at the end of each day.

So now I'm equipped with a strategy that's loaded, I'll update you all on the 22nd about this again.

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