Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merdeka for SPM candidates! (well, almost)

Here I am on a lazy, hot wednesday afternoon just after having a chocolate Sundae. Which means: No dinner!

Let me digress from the topic at hand first while I rant about my weight. Oh wait. I'm not supposed to think negatively about my body.

Okay, so anyway, my form 5 bro has just finished his biology paper today and as far as he's concerned, SPM is over and done with! I mean, not entirely. He's still got one last paper next wednesday, but it's EST. Who studies for EST? It's like sitting for another normal english paper.

I am so jealous! He can basically start holidaying already!

I mean, I've still got maths tomorrow and another maths paper the following tuesday. And my last paper is chemistry next thursday. Gah! 3 more tough papers to go!

Never mind. 9 more days! I can do it!

I think I'm really going to enjoy my holidays. The past exam-filled weeks have been tough, tough, tough. You know the feeling when you're denied something you desire for so long, then when your desire has finally manifested, you tend to treasure that thing even more than before?

Well, that's how I feel now. The feeling of being free from studies seems so near yet so far. And I'm definitely going to appreciate my time after exams. I aim to make the best use of it.

Since I'm in no mood to study just yet, I'm going to take some time and list down a few simple pleasures of life I'm planning to do right after STPM:

  • Sift through and download nice Korean songs, especially those from K-dramas. I'm listening to one of the theme songs from the K-drama Delightful, Choon Hyang. Brings back "aww..." moments. Great song if you're in love! *lovesss*

  • Go out with school buddies. It has been sooo long since we went out for an after-school yumcha session. Wee~ I hope we can work out a trip to Ipoh together too. Girlfriends and I never had an outing to Ipoh in which all of us could make it. It's going to be so fun and I want to take as many pictures as possible cuz I don't know when we can see each other again.

  • Go jogging everyday. Yeah! I kinda miss my jogging sessions. When you're jogging alone in the evenings and admiring the scenery with good music playing, you tend to just jog on and on. Especially when I'm free of exams, I can just spend an hour or two just being with myself and clearing my mind. And I could really lose like 4-5 pounds before I go to Genting. With exams going on, I can't really enjoy my jog cuz I'm busy feeling guilty.

  • Watch some good cantonese dramas online. It's been a long time since I watched tvb dramas. That's because I don't really watch tv cuz there's no astro. But I really need to improve my chinese since I'm dealing with customers for my job. Anyway, I kinda enjoy watching dramas, so I won't mind switching K-dramas with TVB-dramas. So long as the leading characters are good-looking ;)

  • Go on Ipoh-movie dates and just spend time with JB without both of us having to worry about the next paper. It's been 2 months since we went to Ipoh! I miss those times. Boo...Due to exams, we haven't properly spent time together. It's been sporadic. Short dinner dates don't count. So we've definitely earned our post-exam time yea.

I planned to visit my relatives and grannies in KL before going to Genting. But it seems that I've got to cancel my plans since I've got to conserve cash because I think I'm only going to get paid at the end of January next year.

So I've got to spend wisely for the first one and a half months. I'll definitely be visiting them after I get my first salary (!)(the very thought of earning money excites the hell out of me). And then do some freaking serious KL shopping. Woohoo!

Hmm...blogging does help me release stress. So it's already 6 something in the evening. Guess I'd better hit the showers (I'm sweaty. Blame the weather!) and then do another set of past year papers.

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